Scorecard Votes

Roll CallVote Name
202335Ignoring Climate Risks to Retirement SavingsClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Other
202379Attacking the Clean Water Restoration Rule Clean Water
202398Blocking Limits on Pollution from TrucksClean Air, Transportation, Climate Change, Environmental Justice
2023122Thwarting Critical Habitat for Threatened SpeciesWildlife, Other
2023132Abudu Confirmation (11th Circuit Court of Appeals)Justice & Democracy, Confirmations
2023145Blocking Forced Approval of the Mountain Valley PipelineDirty Energy, Climate Change, Clean Water, Environmental Justice, Justice & Democracy
2023162Ho Confirmation (Southern District of New York)Justice & Democracy, Confirmations
2023174Torres Small Confirmation (Deputy Secretary of Agriculture)Agriculture, Public Lands & Oceans, Confirmations
2023187Bloomekatz Confirmation (6th Circuit Court of Appeals)Justice & Democracy, Confirmations
2023193Uhlmann Confirmation (Assistant Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency)Environmental Justice, Clean Air, Clean Water, Confirmations
2023267Obstructing Money-Saving Energy Efficiency CodesClean Energy, Climate Change, Appropriations
2023279Defunding Access to VotingAppropriations, Justice & Democracy
2023283Blocking Environmental, Public Health, Consumer, and Worker ProtectionsClean Air, Clean Water, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Appropriations, Other
2023303Undoing the Tailored Buy America Waiver for EV ChargersClean Air, Transportation, Climate Change
202210Changing Filibuster Rules to Pass Democracy ReformsJustice & Democracy
202211Thomas Confirmation (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals)Justice & Democracy
2022134Jackson Confirmation (Supreme Court)Justice & Democracy
2022148Expanding Dirty and Dangerous Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Oceans
2022157Hampering Presidential Emergency Actions on ClimateClimate, Clean Energy
2022170Restoring the Right to Abortion AccessJustice & Democracy
2022283Undercutting Public Input and Environmental ReviewClimate Change, Environmental Justice, Other
2022289Elimination of Superfund Tax Environmental Justice, Toxics, Clean Air and Clean Water
2022291Mandatory Oil and Gas Leasing on Public LandsDrilling, Dirty Energy, Public Lands/Forests
2022293Striking EPA Funding for Climate ActionClimate Change, Clean Air
2022300Undermining Bedrock Environmental StatutesDirty Energy, Environmental Justice, Clean Air and Clean Water, Other
2022305Eliminating Cost-saving Home Energy Efficiency Program Clean Energy, Other
2022306 Undermining Environmental Review and Mandating Coal LeasingDirty Energy, Environmental Justice, Climate Change, Public Lands/Forests
2022320Restarting Construction of the Harmful Border WallLands/Forests, Environmental Justice
2022321Anti-Climate Fossil Fuel Industry HandoutsClean Energy, Dirty Energy, Transportation, Climate Change
2022325Transformational Climate Investments (Inflation Reduction Act) (2X Score)Climate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Environmental Justice
2022325Transformational Climate Investments (Inflation Reduction Act)Climate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Environmental Justice
2022346Disclosing Money in PoliticsJustice & Democracy
2022350Freeman Confirmation (Third Circuit Court of Appeals)Justice & Democracy
2022362Protecting Marriage EqualityJustice & Democracy
2022394Undermining Environmental Review and Mandating Gas PipelineDirty Energy, Environmental Justice, Other
20211Certifying Arizona’s Electoral VotesJustice & Democracy
20212Certifying Pennsylvania’s Electoral VotesJustice & Democracy
202111Buttigieg Confirmation (Transportation Secretary)Other, Transportation
202128Promoting Drilling for Fossil FuelsDirty Energy, Drilling
202132Supporting the Destructive Keystone XL PipelineDirty Energy, Environmental Justice
202143Bolstering the Dirty Water RuleClean Water
202159Impeachment for Incitement of InsurrectionJustice & Democracy
202166Granholm Confirmation (Energy Secretary)Other, Clean Energy
202170Raimondo Confirmation (Commerce Secretary) Other, Oceans
202186Striking Provisions to Help Farmers of ColorEnvironmental Justice, Agriculture
2021113Fudge Confirmation (Housing and Urban Development Secretary) Other, Environmental Justice
2021114Garland Confirmation (Attorney General)Other, Justice & Democracy
2021116Regan Confirmation (EPA Administrator)Other, Climate Change, Water, Air, Environmental Justice
2021119Haaland Confirmation (Interior Secretary) Other, Public Lands/Forests
2021125Becerra Confirmation (Health and Human Services Secretary)Other, Environmental Justice
2021150Mallory Confirmation (Council on Environmental Quality Chair) Other, Environmental Justice
2021175Repealing Assault on Methane Pollution SafeguardsClimate Change, Dirty Energy
2021203Clarke Confirmation (DOJ-CRD Assistant Attorney General)Justice & Democracy, Other
2021231Jackson Confirmation (D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals)Judiciary, Climate Change, Justice & Democracy
2021246Voting Rights and Democracy ReformsJustice & Democracy
2021279Kim Confirmation (DOJ-ENRD Assistant Attorney General)Other, Environmental Justice
2021298Restarting Construction of the Harmful Border WallWildlife, Public Lands/Forests, Environmental Justice
2021303Defunding the Civilian Conservation Corps and Wildland Firefighting Climate Change, Public Lands/Forests, Other
2021320Eliminating Safeguards on Fossil Fuel ProductionDrilling, Dirty Energy, Climate Change, Oceans, Public Lands/Forests
2021346Promoting Polluting Energy SourcesDirty Energy, Climate Change, Air
2021357Build Back Better Budget ResolutionClimate Change, Clean Energy, Environmental Justice, Public Lands/Forests
2021401Stone-Manning Confirmation (BLM Director) Other, Public Lands/Forests
2021420Voting Rights and Democracy ReformsJustice & Democracy
2021459Restoring the Voting Rights ActJustice & Democracy
202014USMCA Trade DealClimate Change, Other
202060MacGregor Confirmation (Interior Deputy Secretary) Dirty Energy, Climate Change, Lands/Forests, Oceans, Drilling, Wildlife
202072Danly Confirmation (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)Dirty Energy, Clean Energy, Climate Change
2020121Great American Outdoors ActLands/Forests
2020126Inadequate Policing Reform Judiciary, Other
2020222Barrett Cloture Vote (Supreme Court)Judiciary
2020224Barrett Confirmation (Supreme Court)Judiciary
201920Undermining the Antiquities ActLands/Forests
201922Public Lands PackageLands/Forests
201929Miller Confirmation (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals)Other, Justice & Democracy
201933Wheeler Confirmation (EPA Administrator) Climate Change, Clean Air, Clean Water
201944Rao Confirmation (D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals)Other, Justice & Democracy
201968Wyrick Confirmation (District Court for Western District of Oklahoma)Other, Justice & Democracy
201977Bernhardt Confirmation (Interior Secretary) Climate Change, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Other
2019300Jorjani Confirmation (Interior Solicitor) Other, Lands/Forests
2019339Undermining the Land and Water Conservation FundLands/Forests
201871Wheeler Confirmation (EPA Deputy Administrator)Climate Change, Clean Air, Clean Water
201877Exposing Waterways to Invasive SpeciesWildlife, Clean Water
201880Bridenstine Confirmation (NASA Administrator)Climate Change
201884Pompeo Confirmation (Secretary of State)Climate Change, Other
2018222Kavanaugh Cloture Vote (Supreme Court)Judiciary
2018223Kavanaugh Confirmation (Supreme Court)Judiciary
2018228Clark Confirmation (Assistant Attorney General, DOJ Environment and Natural Resources Division)Climate Change, Clean Air, Clean Water, Judiciary
2018254McNamee Confirmation (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)Climate Change, Clean Air
2018259Farm Bill Conference ReportClimate Change, Clean Water
201736Tillerson Confirmation (Secretary of State) Climate Change, Other
201743Extreme Assault on the Stream Protection Rule (CRA)Water, Dirty Energy
201751Assault on the Anti-Corruption Rule for Fossil Fuel Companies (CRA)Toxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
201771Pruitt Confirmation (EPA Administrator) Climate Change, Clean Air, Clean Water, Other
201775Zinke Confirmation (Interior Secretary)Climate Change, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Other
201779Perry Confirmation (Energy Secretary) Climate Change, Clean Energy, Other
201782 Blocking Local Input about Public Lands (CRA)Lands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
201792Blocking Wildlife Protections in Alaska (CRA)Wildlife, Lands/Forests
2017125Extreme Assault on the Methane and Waste Prevention Rule (CRA)Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2017166Bernhardt Confirmation (Deputy Secretary, Interior)Climate Change, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Other
2017243Protecting the Arctic RefugeLands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Drilling
2017245Budget Resolution Paving the Way for Drilling in the Arctic RefugeLands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Drilling
2017268Wehrum Confirmation (Assistant Administrator, EPA)Climate Change, Clean Air, Other
2017323Anti-Environmental Tax Bill that Opens Drilling in the Arctic RefugeLands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Drilling
20169Clean Energy FundingClean Energy
201610National MonumentsLands/Forests
201611Energy EfficiencyClean Energy
201612Fast Tracking Natural Gas PipelinesDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
201613Limiting Public SafeguardsOther
201614Taxpayer Handouts for Fossil Fuel CompaniesDirty Energy
201637Genetically Modified Food LabelingToxics/Public Right to Know
201649Encouraging Energy-Efficient HomesClean Energy
201650Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)Lands/Forests
201651Wind Energy Transmission Line Clean Energy
201652Victory Bonds for Clean EnergyClean Energy
201658Attack on Advanced Vehicles Transportation
201662Water Conservation ProgramWater, Climate Change
2016153Revenue Sharing for Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Oceans
201512Climate Change ScienceClimate Change
201517Prioritizing Drilling on Public LandsLands/Forests
201519Forcing Tar Sands Polluters to Pay for SpillsDirty Energy
201520International Climate ActionClimate Change
201534Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ExportsDirty Energy
201535Prairie-Chicken ProtectionsWildlife
201537National MonumentsLands/Forests
201540Clean Energy Tax CreditsClean Energy
201543Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)Lands/Forests
201544Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)Clean Energy
201549Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Dirty Energy
2015106Selling Off America's Public LandsLands/Forests
2015115Responding to the Threat of Climate ChangeClimate Change
2015238Climate Change Science EducationClimate Change
201478Undermining Flood Insurance ReformClimate Change
2014157Clean Energy Tax CreditsClean Energy
2014280Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Climate Change, Dirty Energy
20134Disaster Relief for Hurricane SandyLands/Forests, Wildlife, Climate Change, Other
201341Military Investments in Advanced BiofuelsClean Energy, Dirty Energy
201346Big Oil BudgetOther
201359Pricing Carbon PollutionClimate Change
201361Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Water
201376Climate Change SafeguardsClimate Change
201394Jewell Confirmation (DOI)Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2013119Clean Water ProtectionsWater
2013145Advancing Conservation in the Farm BillWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2013151Border FenceLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2013180McCarthy Confirmation (EPA)Air, Water
201228Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
201232Gulf Coast Restoration & Land and Water Conservation FundLands/Forests, Oceans, Water
201234Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Water
201238Arctic Refuge & Offshore Drilling & KXLClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
201239Clean Energy Tax IncentivesClean Energy
201247Environmental Review in Transportation RebuildingOther, Transportation
201263Oil Subsidies & Clean Energy IncentivesDirty Energy, Clean Energy
2012106Genetically Engineered SalmonWildlife, Oceans, Other
2012148Conservation on Private FarmlandsLands/Forests, Water
2012155Conservation ComplianceLands/Forests, Water
2012206Military Investments in Alternative FuelsClean Energy
201136Sweeping Environmental Funding and Policy AssaultAir, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Water, Wildlife
201154Global Warming Pollution Climate Change
201172Oil SubsidiesDirty Energy, Drilling
201173Offshore Drilling Dirty Energy, Drilling
201187Regulatory RollbacksOther
201190Ending Ethanol SubsidiesDirty Energy
2011190Gutting Transportation EnhancementsTransportation
2011196Broad Environmental Assault (S.1786)Air, Climate Change, Other
2011202Broad Environmental Assault (S. 1720)Air, Dirty Energy, Drilling, Water, Wildlife
2010172Border Fence ConstructionWildlife, Lands/Forests
2010173Lead Paint ProtectionsToxics/Public Right to Know
2010184Dirty Air ActClimate Change, Air
2010184Dirty Air Act (2x Score)Climate Change, Air
2010187Cutting Oil SubsidiesDrilling, Clean Energy, Dirty Energy
2010234Biodiesel Tax CreditDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2010275Funding Renewable EnergyClean Energy
20091Public Lands ProtectionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
200964Clean Energy RecoveryClean Energy, Transportation
200982Polar Bear Protections and Global WarmingWildlife, Climate Change
2009292Water ResourcesWater, Oceans, Wildlife
2009293Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2009295Defunding Environmental and Energy StaffClimate Change, Clean Energy
2009297Land and Water Conservation FundLands/Forests, Water
2009298Environmental FundingOther
2009307National Security and Climate ChangeClimate Change
2008101Public Lands ProtectionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2008117Wind InsuranceClimate Change, Lands/Forests, Other
2008123Arctic Refuge and Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2008134Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2008142Environmental FundingOther
2008145Global WarmingClimate Change
2008146Energy Prices: Environmental and Consumer ProtectionDrilling, Dirty Energy, Clean Energy
2008150Clean Energy Tax CreditsClean Energy
2008187Low-Income Energy AssistanceClean Energy
2008192Clean Energy Tax CreditsClean Energy
2008206Oil ShaleDirty Energy, Clean Energy, Lands/Forests
2007166Water Resources -- Global WarmingClimate Change, Water
2007210Oil RefineriesDirty Energy, Air
2007211Undermining Renewable ElectricityDirty Energy, Clean Energy
2007212Virginia Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2007213Liquid CoalDirty Energy, Climate Change
2007219BiofuelsDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2007225Energy Legislation: Fuel Efficiency and Clean, Renewable EnergyClean Energy, Transportation, Climate Change
2007226Energy Legislation: Fuel Efficiency and Clean, Renewable EnergyClean Energy, Transportation, Climate Change
2007416Energy Legislation: Fuel Efficiency and Clean, Renewable EnergyClean Energy, Transportation, Climate Change
2007417Farm Bill -- Subsidy ReformLands/Forests
2007424Farm Bill -- Subsidy CapsLands/Forests
2007425Energy Legislation: Fuel Efficiency and Clean, Renewable EnergyClean Energy, Transportation
2007429Eminent DomainLands/Forests, Other
200634Low-Income Energy AssistanceClean Energy
200660Environmental FundingOther
200674Arctic National Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Dirty Energy
2006208Army Corps of Engineers Projects ReformWater, Other
2006209Army Corps of Engineers Projects ReformWater, Other
2006218Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2006219Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
200552Arctic Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Dirty Energy
2005113Stormwater CleanupWater
2005114Environmental Funding CutsOther
2005131Brown NominationOther
2005141Renewable EnergyClean Energy
2005146Natural Gas FacilitiesDirty Energy
2005149Global WarmingClimate Change
2005156Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
2005157Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
2005162Human Pesticide TestingToxics/Public Right to Know
2005164Tongass Logging RoadsLands/Forests, Wildlife
2005213Energy Conference ReportDirty Energy, Drilling
2005225Mercury EmissionsAir
2005270Heating AssistanceClean Energy
2005290Farm Conservation ProgramsLands/Forests
2005303Arctic Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Dirty Energy
2005332Oil Company Tax CreditsDrilling, Dirty Energy
2005364Arctic Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Dirty Energy
200438Environmental FundingOther
200445Superfund TaxToxics/Public Right to Know
200458Environmental FundingOther
200474National Energy PolicyDrilling, Dirty Energy
2004107Nuclear Waste CleanupDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2004158Myers NominationOther
200312New Source ReviewDirty Energy, Air
200322Devils Lake ProjectWater, Other
200323Yazoo Pumps ProjectWater, Other
200359Arctic DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
200397Superfund Tax ReinstatementToxics/Public Right to Know
2003190Defense ESA ExemptionsWildlife, Lands/Forests
2003208Renewable Fuel Liability StandardsToxics/Public Right to Know
2003214Nuclear Power SubsidiesDirty Energy
2003221Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2003309Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
2003316Pryor NominationOther
2003359Tongass Judicial ReviewLands/Forests, Other
2003361Privatizing the Park ServiceLands/Forests
2003420Global WarmingClimate Change
2003426Fire Policy -- NEPA WaiverLands/Forests, Other
2003428Forest Fire PolicyLands/Forests
2003456National Energy PolicyDirty Energy, Drilling, Air, Water, Lands/Forests
2003456National Energy Policy (2x Score)Dirty Energy, Drilling, Air, Water, Lands/Forests
200215Factory FarmsOther, Water
200224Water ConservationWater, Wildlife
200242Nuclear Accident LiabilityDirty Energy, Other
200243Drinking Water ProtectionWater, Dirty Energy
200247Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
200248Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
200250Renewable Energy ResourcesClean Energy
200255Renewable Energy ResourcesClean Energy
200271Arctic DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
200271Arctic Drilling (2x Score)Drilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
200281Dam RelicensingOther, Water, Wildlife
200284Municipal Solid Waste IncinerationDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
200287Renewable Fuel Liability WaiverToxics/Public Right to Know
200289Energy EfficiencyClean Energy
200290Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
2002167Yucca MountainToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
2002207Trade and EnvironmentOther
20016Norton NominationOther
200151Campaign Finance ReformOther
2001229Monuments DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2001231Gulf DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2001232Klamath Endangered SpeciesWater, Wildlife
2001242Graham NominationOther
2001261Farm Conservation FundingLands/Forests
2001365Regulatory WaiversOther
20008Nuclear WasteToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
200058Drilling in the ArcticDrilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Dirty Energy
2000175GrazingLands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
2000207Timber Sales SubsidiesLands/Forests
2000208National MonumentsLands/Forests
2000224Hardrock MiningLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2000232Missouri River Water ControlWater, Wildlife, Other
199956Commercial Fishing in Glacier BayOceans, Wildlife
1999171Funding Renewable EnergyClean Energy
1999223Mining Waste DisposalToxics/Public Right to Know, Lands/Forests
1999266Wildlife SurveysWildlife, Lands/Forests
1999272Forest Service Fish and Wildlife ProgramsLands/Forests, Wildlife
1999275Fuel Efficiency StandardsClean Energy, Transportation
1999289Oil RoyaltiesDirty Energy, Drilling
1999290Oil RoyaltiesDirty Energy, Drilling
1999370Mountaintop MiningDirty Energy, Water, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199865Environmental Funding PrioritiesOther, Lands/Forests, Water, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199867Tax Breaks for Mining on Public LandToxics/Public Right to Know, Lands/Forests
199879Selling Public LandsLands/Forests
1998148Nevada Nuclear Waste DumpToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
1998177Transferring Public Lands to a Bombing RangeLands/Forests, Wildlife
1998197Weakening Land Use Protections -- "Takings"Other, Lands/Forests
1998268Blocking Mining ReformToxics/Public Right to Know, Lands/Forests
199742Nevada Nuclear Waste DumpToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
199759Pave the ParksLands/Forests
1997131Subsidy for Hard Rock Mining CompaniesToxics/Public Right to Know, Lands/Forests
1997177Animas-La Plata Irrigation ProjectWater, Wildlife
1997242Logging Roads SubsidiesLands/Forests, Wildlife
1997247American Heritage RiversWater, Lands/Forests
199615Livestock and Environmental StandardsWater, Lands/Forests
199616Sugar SubsidyOther
199630Endangered SpeciesWildlife
199633Logging Without LawsLands/Forests, Wildlife
199648Grazing ILands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
199650Grazing IILands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
199654Utah WildernessLands/Forests
1996146Public Lands Sell-OffOther, Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1996249Subsidizing Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1996251Pork Barrel Water ProjectWater, Wildlife, Other
1996259Nuclear Waste StorageToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
1995106Endangered Species StandstillWildlife
1995183Selling Public LandsLands/Forests
1995190Drilling IDirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1995303Drinking WaterWater, Other
1995306Right to Know LessToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
1995311Ending Debate IOther
1995315Ending Debate IIIOther
1995347Nuclear ReactorDirty Energy
1995372Mining Law GiveawayLands/Forests
1995376Red Wolf RecoveryWildlife
1995470Crippling the EPAOther, Water, Air, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1995525Drilling IIDirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
199450Protecting Farmworkers from PesticidesToxics/Public Right to Know
199487California Desert -- Hunting in ParksLands/Forests, Wildlife
199488California Desert -- Failing to Create New ParksLands/Forests, Wildlife
199489California Desert -- Creating New ParksLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994120Subsidizing Offshore Oil ProductionDirty Energy, Drilling
1994175Nuclear Pork BarrelDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1994176Renewable EnergyClean Energy
1994179Toxic Military BasesToxics/Public Right to Know
1994191Global PopulationOther
1993--Desert ProtectionLands/Forests, Wildlife
1993--Mining Law ReformLands/Forests
1993--Arctic WildernessLands/Forests, Wildlife
1993--Endangered Species ActWildlife
199340Using Free Markets to Spur Energy EfficiencyClean Energy, Dirty Energy
199344Using Free Markets to Spur Energy EfficiencyClean Energy, Dirty Energy
199381Mining RoyaltiesLands/Forests
199382Protecting Rivers and FishWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1993113Wetlands ClassificationLands/Forests, Water
1993266Livestock Grazing on Public LandsLands/Forests
1993275Advanced Solid Rocket MotorAir, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1993298Nuclear Pork Barrel SpendingDirty Energy
1993299Nuclear Pork Barrel SpendingDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1993326Livestock Grazing on Public LandsLands/Forests
1993340Livestock Grazing on Public LandsLands/Forests
1992--California Desert Protection ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
199220Public Hearing for Nuclear ReactorsDirty Energy
199223Industrial Energy ConsumptionClean Energy
199224Florida Coastline ProtectionDrilling, Dirty Energy
199225Outer Continental ShelfDrilling, Dirty Energy
199226Nuclear SafetyDirty Energy
199255Montana Wilderness BillLands/Forests, Wildlife
1992167Nuclear Testing BanDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
19921721872 Mining Law ReformLands/Forests
1992176Ancient Forests and Endangered SpeciesLands/Forests, Wildlife, Other
1992177Grazing FeesLands/Forests
1992195Safe Drinking Water ActWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1991--Hazardous Waste and Federal FacilitiesDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1991--Wetlands ProtectionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1991--Automobile Fuel EfficiencyTransportation, Clean Energy
1991--Arctic National Wildlife RefugeLands/Forests, Wildlife
199190Visual PollutionOther
199194Federal Funding for Increased Auto PollutionTransportation, Air, Clean Energy
199196Federal Funding for Fuel ConsumptionTransportation, Air, Clean Energy
1991119Nuclear Waste CleanupDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1991191Protecting TaxpayersLands/Forests
1991195Abuse of Federal LandsLands/Forests
1991242National Energy SecurityDirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
1991242National Energy Security (2x Score)Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
199030State Standards for Radioactive EmissionsAir, Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199034Controlling Toxic Emissions from Motor VehiclesAir, Transportation, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199035Clean Cars and Clean FuelAir, Transportation, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199037Controlling SmogAir
199054Radioactive Air PollutantsAir, Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199059National ForestsLands/Forests
1990166Everglades ProtectionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1990248Global Warming / Energy ConservationTransportation, Climate Change, Clean Energy
1991303Endangered SpeciesWildlife
1989--Rainforest ProtectionLands/Forests, Wildlife
1989--American Heritage TrustLands/Forests
1989145National ForestsLands/Forests
1989146National ForestsLands/Forests
1989150Plutonium ProductionDirty Energy
1989163Oil Tanker Double HullsDirty Energy, Oceans
1989164Oil Spills Unlimited LiabilityDirty Energy, Drilling
1989167Offshore Oil DrillingDirty Energy, Drilling
1989185Groundwater PollutionWater
1988--Timber CuttingLands/Forests, Wildlife
1988--Acid RainAir
1988--Endangered SpeciesWildlife
1988475Nuclear LiabilityDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1988501Nuclear Power SubsidiesDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
19873Clean WaterWater
198728Energy ConservationClean Energy
1987324Low-Income Energy AssistanceClean Energy
1987367Nuclear Waste SitingDirty Energy
1986420Outer Continental ShelfDrilling, Dirty Energy
1986466EPA Budget AuthorityToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
1986642Forest RoadsLands/Forests, Wildlife
1986665Hawaiian Highway, H-3Transportation, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1986713Pesticide ControlToxics/Public Right to Know
1985125Clean Water EnforcementWater
1985166Auto Fuel Economy StandardsTransportation, Clean Energy
1985192Superfund: FundingToxics/Public Right to Know
1985193Superfund: Victims CompensationToxics/Public Right to Know
1985230Clean Water BailoutWater
1985270SynfuelsDirty Energy
1985352Dawson NominationOther
1984389Nuclear Exports -- Nuclear Weapons ProliferationDirty Energy
1984392Nuclear Export AgreementsDirty Energy
1984436Synthetic Fuel Tax CreditsDirty Energy
1984440Home Energy ConservationClean Energy
1984562Burford AppointmentOther
1984569Government Dam Power RatesWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1984598Soil Conservation -- SodbustingLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1984635Toxic Waste SuperfundToxics/Public Right to Know
1984650Synthetic Fossil Fuel SubsidiesDirty Energy
198324Water Pollution FundingWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1983138Selling Coal on Federal Lands: Moratorium IDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1983163Garrison Diversion Water ProjectWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1983231Northwest Nuclear Utility BailoutDirty Energy
1983244Selling Coal on Federal Lands: Moratorium IIDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
1983306Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1983368Offshore Oil Leasing -- Ocean and Coastal ProtectionDrilling, Dirty Energy, Wildlife
1982561Military Use of Civilian Nuclear ReactorsDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982584Role of States in Nuclear Waste Siting DecisionsDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982586Temporary "Away From Reactor" Storage of Nuclear WastesDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982638Toxic Waste Cleanup BudgetToxics/Public Right to Know
1982661Mine SafetyOther
1982853Funding for EPA Research and Toxic CleanupToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
1982857Soil ConservationLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982901Moratorium on Federal Coal Lease SalesDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1982910Highway ConstructionTransportation
1982923Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
198156Funding for Mass Transit and Low-Income Home InsulationClean Energy, Transportation
198199Water Projects FundingWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1981113Nuclear Basing ModeLands/Forests
1981165Solar Energy BudgetingClean Energy
1981176Nuclear Research and DevelopmentDirty Energy
1981186Motorcycle Noise StandardsOther
1981332Home Energy ConservationClean Energy
1981334Low-Income Home InsulationClean Energy
1981335Solvent Refined Coal FundingDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981336Interior FundingOther
1981353Tennessee-Tombigbee WaterwayWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests, Transportation
1981355Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981422Funding for EPA and CEQOther
1981481Mine SafetyOther
1980607Water Project BudgetWater
1980756Clean AirAir
1980770Garrison DiversionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1980812Alaska Lands ILands/Forests, Wildlife
1980813Alaska Lands IVLands/Forests, Wildlife
1980814Alaska Lands IILands/Forests, Wildlife
1980832Workplace EnvironmentOther
1980836Nuclear WasteDirty Energy
1980862Alaska Lands IIILands/Forests, Wildlife
1980884Strip Mining IIIDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1980886Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
1980902Tennessee-Tombigbee WaterwayLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1980948Nuclear ProliferationDirty Energy, Other
1979174Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1979179Dickey-Lincoln DamLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1979180Endangered Species: Tellico Dam IILands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1979263Pollution RegulationsAir
1979269Endangered Species: Tellico Dam ILands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1979272Strip Mining IDirty Energy
1979284Acre LimitationsWater
1979320Energy Conservation IIClean Energy
1979328Energy Mobilization Board IOther
1979330Energy Mobilization Board IIOther
1979358Synthetic Fuels IIDirty Energy
1979389Synthetic Fuels IClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1979394Energy Conservation IClean Energy
1979420River of No ReturnLands/Forests
1979449Windfall Profits TaxClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1978658Redwood Park Expansion IILands/Forests
1978659Redwood Park Expansion ILands/Forests
1978783Water SubsidiesWater, Lands/Forests
1978807Mass TransitTransportation
1978856Endangered Species ActWildlife
1978860Endangered SpeciesWildlife
1978935National Environmental Policy Act ExemptionWater, Other
1978974Coal RoadsDirty Energy, Transportation
1977151Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
1977152Strip Mining IDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Water
1977155Strip Mining IVDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1977156Strip Mining IIIDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1977173Flood Plain DevelopmentWater, Lands/Forests
1977178Clean Air Amendments IAir
1977183Clean Air Amendments IIIAir, Lands/Forests
1977227Mine SafetyDirty Energy
1977230Mine SafetyDirty Energy
1977232Waterway User FeesWater, Transportation
1977270Water ProjectsWater, Lands/Forests
1977274Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1977275Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy
1977279Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1977290Offshore Oil Drilling IDrilling
1977293Offshore Oil Drilling IIDrilling
1977332Wetlands ProtectionWater, Lands/Forests
1977334Clean WaterWater, Wildlife
1977335Clean Water EnforcementWater, Other
1977352Energy MonopoliesDirty Energy
1977363Free Federal ParkingTransportation
1977530Utility Rate ReformClean Energy
1977582Energy Tax Incentives IDirty Energy
1977589Oil ShaleDirty Energy, Drilling
1977595Energy Tax Incentives IIDirty Energy
1976619Flood Plain DevelopmentLands/Forests, Water
1976623Fishing LimitsOceans
1976635Glacier Bay MiningLands/Forests
1976708Concorde (SST) LandingTransportation
1976714Toxic ChemicalsToxics/Public Right to Know
1976760Sewage Treatment FundsWater
1976900Energy ConservationClean Energy
1976955Synthetic FuelsDirty Energy
1976975Solid WasteOther
19761036Air Pollution IAir
19761066Air Pollution IIAir
19761090Air Pollution IIIAir
19761091Aerosol SpraysAir
19761138National ForestsLands/Forests
19761155New River DamWater, Lands/Forests
19761174Wetlands ProtectionWater
197556Strip Mining IDirty Energy
197557Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
197559Strip Mining IIIDirty Energy
1975284Energy ConservationClean Energy, Transportation
1975288Coastal DevelopmentDrilling, Oceans
1975361Offshore Oil DrillingDrilling
1975365Breeder Nuclear ReactorDirty Energy
1975366Solar EnergyClean Energy
1975449Oil Industry Break-UpDirty Energy
1975564Dickey-Lincoln DamLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1975581Highway Trust FundTransportation
1975596Nuclear Accident InsuranceDirty Energy
1974600Water ProjectsWater
1974802New RiverLands/Forests, Water
1974806Right to KnowToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
1974866Land ConservationLands/Forests
1974902Sewage Treatment FundsWater
1974931HerbicideToxics/Public Right to Know
1974935Nuclear LiabilityDirty Energy
197333Highway Trust Fund ITransportation
197334Highway Trust Fund IITransportation
197337Highway ConstructionTransportation
1973196Land Use ILands/Forests, Transportation
1973205Land Use IILands/Forests, Transportation
1973275Alaskan Pipeline Right of Way IDirty Energy
1973286Alaskan Pipeline Right of Way IIDirty Energy
1973376Mass Transit ITransportation
1973448Strip Mining IDirty Energy
1973449Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
1973479Lease Sale EIS WaiversDrilling, Dirty Energy, Other
1973564Auto EmissionsAir, Transportation
1973572Flood Plain DevelopmentLands/Forests, Water
1972498Mass TransitTransportation
1972586Nuclear Radiation StandardsDirty Energy
1972593TSCAToxics/Public Right to Know
1972653OSHA ExemptionsOther
1972711Marine Mammal Protections IWildlife, Oceans
1972713Marine Mammal Protections IIWildlife, Oceans
1972819Highway ConstructionTransportation, Lands/Forests
1972844Land Use IILands/Forests
1972846Land Use ILands/Forests
1972848Land Use IIILands/Forests
1972851Highway Trust Fund IITransportation
1971127PesticidesToxics/Public Right to Know, Lands/Forests
1971138Nuclear TestingDirty Energy, Oceans, Wildlife
1971162Water ProjectsWater
1971206Navy Electrical GridWildlife
1971259Waste Water TreatmentWater
1971311Highway Trust Fund ITransportation
1971397Butz ConfirmationOther
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Roll CallVote Name
202323Establishing Anti-Environment and Anti-Democracy House Rules Climate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Clean Water, Environmental Justice, Appropriations, Justice & Democracy, Other
202393Leasing More Public Lands and Waters for Oil DrillingDirty Energy, Public Lands & Oceans
2023124Ignoring Climate Risks to Retirement SavingsClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Other
2023142Attacking the Clean Water Restoration Rule Clean Water
2023167Disapproving of LNG Export Infrastructure’s Denial Dirty Energy, Environmental Justice
2023176Blocking Attacks on Oil Leasing ReformDirty Energy
2023180Delaying Offshore Wind With MisinformationClean Energy
2023182H.R. 1, the Polluters Over People ActDirty Energy, Toxics, Environmental Justice
2023199Default on America ActClimate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Dirty Energy, Public Lands & Oceans, Other
2023209Promoting Anti-Immigrant Policies & Border Wall FundingPublic Lands & Oceans, Justice & Democracy, Other
2023232Blocking Limits on Pollution From TrucksClean Air, Transportation, Climate Change
2023265Blocking Critical Safeguards Clean Air, Clean Water, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Other
2023271Undermining Federal Agency Authority Clean Air, Clean Water, Climate Change, Justice & Democracy, Other
2023309Blocking Race Awareness Education and TrainingJustice & Democracy, Appropriations
2023391Blocking States from Setting Cleaner Cars StandardsClean Air, Transportation, Climate Change
2023408Slashing Funding for the Office of Civil RightsJustice & Democracy, Appropriations
2023500Undermining International Action on ClimateClimate Change, Environmental Justice, Appropriations
2023505Funding the Border Wall and Defunding Immigrants’ Civil RightsAppropriations, Wildlife, Public Lands & Oceans, Justice & Democracy
2023550Barring Funding for the American Climate CorpsAppropriations, Climate Change
2023558Attacking Clean Energy and Water ProgramsClean Energy, Clean Water, Appropriations
2023569Eliminating Funding for the Council on Environmental QualityAppropriations, Environmental Justice, Public Lands & Oceans
2023572Blocking Efforts to Advance Equity and Accuracy in Geographic NamesPublic Lands & Oceans, Appropriations, Justice & Democracy, Other
2023575Attacking Endangered SpeciesWildlife, Appropriations
2023580Reversing Protections for the Greater Chaco Canyon RegionPublic Lands & Oceans, Dirty Energy, Appropriations
2023581Blocking Funding for ConservationPublic Lands & Oceans, Appropriations
2023582Blocking Limits on Soot PollutionClean Air, Environmental Justice, Appropriations
2023587Zeroing Out the Clean School Bus ProgramClean Air, Environmental Justice, Transportation, Appropriations
2023592Blocking Funding for National Monuments DesignationsPublic Lands & Oceans, Appropriations
2023594Blocking Funding for Environmental JusticeEnvironmental Justice, Appropriations, Justice & Democracy
2023595Limiting Federal Agencies’ Response to the Climate CrisisClimate Change, Appropriations
2023597Anti-Environment Spending PackageAppropriations, Climate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Clean Water, Environmental Justice, Other
2023642Preventing Climate Emissions ReportingAppropriations, Climate Change, Public Right to Know, Other
2023703Blocking the EPA Cleaner Cars and Trucks StandardsClean Air, Transportation, Climate Change
20229Voting Rights and Democracy ReformsJustice & Democracy
202227Attacking International Climate CollaborationClimate Change
202231Investing in Science and Domestic Clean Energy ManufacturingClean Energy, Climate Change
2022232Cracking Down on Oil Industry Price GougingDirty Energy, Drilling
2022267Recovering America’s WildlifeLands/Forests, Wildlife
2022330Protecting People from Toxic IncinerationClean Air and Clean Water, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2022345Protecting the Grand Canyon and Colorado’s Public LandsPublic Lands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Environmental Justice
2022346Protecting Public Lands and Waters Across the WestPublic Lands/Forests, Environmental Justice
2022360Restoring the Right to Abortion AccessJustice & Democracy
2022367Slashing Environmental FundingClean Air and Clean Water, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Other
2022371Attacking Environmental Programs and Funding PrioritiesClean Air and Clean Water, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Other
2022383Pro-Environment Funding PackageClean Air and Clean Water, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Other
2022417Undermining Environmental Review for Data CentersEnvironmental Justice, Lands/Forests, Clean Air and Clean Water, Other
2022420Transformational Climate Investments (Inflation Reduction Act) (2X Score)Climate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Environmental Justice
2022420Transformational Climate Investments (Inflation Reduction Act)Climate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Environmental Justice
2022449Improving Certification of Presidential Election ResultsJustice & Democracy
2022513Protecting Marriage EqualityJustice & Democracy
2022540Establishing National Heritage AreasPublic Lands/Forests, Environmental Justice, Other
202110Certifying Arizona’s Electoral VotesJustice & Democracy
202111Certifying Pennsylvania’s Electoral VotesJustice & Democracy
202117Impeachment for Incitement of InsurrectionJustice & Democracy
202145Protecting Public Lands and Waters Across the WestPublic Lands/Forests
202162Voting Rights and Democracy ReformsJustice & Democracy
202170Protecting the Rights of Workers to OrganizeOther, Justice & Democracy
202191Protecting Dreamers and Immigrants Fleeing DisastersJustice & Democracy, Other
2021132Washington, D.C. StatehoodJustice & Democracy
2021145Increasing Awareness and Reporting of Hate CrimesOther, Justice & Democracy
2021169Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure RequirementsClimate Change, Other
2021185Repealing Assault on Methane Pollution SafeguardsClimate Change, Dirty Energy
2021196Removing Confederate Statues from the U.S. CapitolLands/Forests, Justice & Democracy
2021201Investing in Climate-Smart and Pro-Wildlife Infrastructure Transportation, Climate Change, Wildlife
2021206Building Climate-resilient Wastewater InfrastructureWater, Climate Change
2021208Investing in Transportation and Water Infrastructure Climate Change, Transportation, Water, Clean Energy, Environmental Justice
2021217Protecting People from PFASToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
2021247Pro-Environment Funding PackageOther, Climate Change, Clean Energy, Clean Air, Clean Water, Environmental Justice
2021260Restoring the Voting Rights ActJustice & Democracy
2021272Taking Action on PFAS Contamination Toxics/Public Right to Know
2021379Censuring Paul GosarJustice & Democracy
2021385Transformative Climate, Jobs, and Justice Investments (2x Score)Climate Change, Air, Clean Energy, Environmental Justice, Transportation, Public Lands/Forests, Water, Other
2021385Transformative Climate, Jobs, and Justice Investments Climate Change, Air, Clean Energy, Drilling, Environmental Justice, Public Lands/Forests, Transportation, Water, Other
2021427Supporting Tribal Management of BisonWildlife, Environmental Justice, Public Lands/Forests
202011Closing the PFAS Clean Water LoopholeToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
202013Protecting People from PFAS PollutionToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
202054Emergency and Climate Disaster Aid for Puerto RicoClimate Change
202069Protecting Wilderness Across the West Lands/Forests
2020122Washington D.C. StatehoodJudiciary, Justice & Democracy
2020136Eliminating Lead Service Lines to Protect Public HealthWater, Environmental Justice
2020138Investing in Climate-Ambitious InfrastructureClimate Change, Clean Energy, Transportation, Water, Environmental Justice
2020142Maintaining Suspension of Nuclear Weapons TestingDirty Energy
2020147Protecting the Grand Canyon and Colorado’s public landsPublic Lands/Forests, Dirty Energy
2020155Great American Outdoors ActLands/Forests
2020163Blocking Trump’s Inadequate Soot StandardAir, Environmental Justice
2020164Slashing EPA FundingOther, Water, Air, Environmental Justice
2020166Pro-Environment Funding Package Other, Environmental Justice, Water, Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests
2020182Protecting the U.S. Postal ServiceJustice & Democracy
2020203Increasing Funding for Renewable Energy Research & DevelopmentClean Energy, Climate
2020242Phasing Out Harmful Fishing GearOceans, Wildlife
20199Stopping Border Wall FundingOther, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
201995Public Lands PackageLands/Forests
2019118Protecting our Democracy Other, Justice & Democracy
2019175Recognizing the Need for Climate JusticeClimate Change
2019181Addressing Climate Change's DamagesClimate Change
2019362Ignoring the Costs of Climate ChangeClimate Change
2019363Blocking the Disastrous Pebble MineWater, Wildlife
2019367Boosting Clean Energy and Climate Funding Clean Energy, Climate Change
2019372Blocking Protections for Endangered Whales Oceans, Wildlife
2019381Stopping Carbon Pollution Limits for Power Plants Climate Change
2019382Blocking Logging in the Tongass National ForestLands/Forests
2019383Blocking the EPA from Reducing Carbon PollutionClimate Change
2019384Halting Oil Drilling in the Arctic RefugeDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2019385Methane Pollution Safeguards Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Drilling
2019390Eliminating EPA's Chemical Hazard Assessment Program, IRISToxics/Public Right to Know, Clean Water, Clean Air
2019395Preserving the Mercury & Air Toxics Standards Clean Air, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2019408Pro-Environment Funding BillClimate Change, Lands/Forests, Clean Energy
2019521Stopping Future Drilling in the Eastern Gulf of MexicoDirty Energy, Drilling, Oceans
2019525Banning Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific OceansDirty Energy, Drilling, Oceans
2019530Restoring Protections for the Arctic RefugeDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Drilling
2019597Protecting Chaco Canyon from Oil and Gas Development Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests
2019602Protecting the Grand Canyon from Toxic Uranium MiningDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2019609Protecting Colorado's Public LandsLands/Forests
2019634Shark Finning BanOceans, Wildlife
2019654Protecting the Right to VoteOther, Justice & Democracy
2019666Attack on Marine Mammal Protections from Harmful Air Gun BlastingWildlife, Oceans, Drilling
2019701USMCA Trade DealClimate Change, Other
201899Delaying Public Health ProtectionsClimate Change, Clean Air
2018101Undermining Clean Air StandardsClimate Change, Clean Air
2018153Assault on Endangered Salmon and Environmental ReviewWater, Wildlife
2018179Nuclear StorageClimate Change
2018199Attack on Alaska’s National ForestsLands/Forests
2018203Eliminating Clean Water SafeguardsClean Water
2018246Gutting Clean Energy FundingClean Energy
2018250National Ocean PolicyOceans
2018257Assault on Clean Energy & Clean WaterClean Energy, Clean Water
2018284Anti-Environmental Farm BillClean Air and Clean Water
2018325Privatizing Federal InfrastructureClean Water
2018328Attack on Public ProtectionsClean Air
2018341Undermining the Land & Water Conservation FundLands/Forests
2018346Methane Pollution SafeguardsClimate Change, Clean Air
2018347Ignoring the Costs of Climate ChangeClimate Change
2018351Undermining Protections for the Chesapeake BayOceans, Clean Water
2018356Eliminating Environmental Justice GrantsEnvironmental Justice
2018357Undermining Access to the CourtsEnvironmental Justice
2018363Anti-Climate Solutions ResolutionClimate Change
2018390Minimizing Methane PollutionClimate Change, Clean Air
2018392Undermining NEPA Review in Liquefied Natural Gas ProjectsClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Drilling
2018420Blocking Protections for Gray WolvesWildlife
2018472Border Wall FundingOther
201723Safeguards ShutdownOther
201772Assault on the Anti-Corruption Rule for Fossil Fuel Companies (CRA)Toxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
201773Extreme Assault on the Stream Protection Rule (CRA)Water, Dirty Energy
201778Extreme Assault on the Methane and Waste Prevention Rule (CRA)Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests
201783 Blocking Local Input about Public Lands (CRA)Lands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
201798Blocking Wildlife Protections in Alaska (CRA)Wildlife, Lands/Forests
2017206Attack on EPA Science Other
2017282Pesticides PollutionWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2017319Undermining Environmental Review on Water ProjectsWater, Lands/Forests
2017352California Water ResourcesWater
2017368National Security Threat of Climate ChangeClimate Change
2017391Attack on Smog Protections & the Clean Air ActClimate Change, Air
2017398Gutting Pipeline ReviewDirty Energy
2017406Attacking Wilderness in the Izembek National Wildlife RefugeLands/Forests, Wildlife
2017435Assault on Clean Energy & Clean WaterClean Energy, Water, Oceans
2017476Protecting Strong Ozone StandardsClimate Change, Air
2017488Methane Pollution SafeguardsClimate Change, Drilling, Dirty Energy
2017489Recognizing the Cost of Climate ChangeClimate Change
2017491Transferring Public Lands to Private OwnersLands/Forests
2017492Slashing EPA FundingOther
2017589Budget Resolution Paving the Way for Drilling in the Arctic RefugeLands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Drilling
2017598Forest Management and Public InputLands/Forests
2017643Attack on Minnesota's National ForestsLands/Forests, Dirty Energy
2017699Anti-Environmental Tax Bill that Opens Drilling in the Arctic RefugeLands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Drilling
201642Mining Waste Water, Dirty Energy
201694Federal Control Over Federal WatersLands/Forests, Oceans
201699Arctic National Wildlife RefugeDirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2016101Undermining Public Lands and Wildlife ManagementLands/Forests, Wildlife
2016123Attack on Clean Air ProtectionsAir, Dirty Energy
2016199Pesticides Pollution Toxics/Public Right to Know, Water
2016250Fossil Energy BillClean Energy, Dirty Energy
2016253National Ocean PolicyOceans
2016264Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)Lands/Forests
2016279Fracking Clean Air LoopholeDirty Energy, Air
2016314Military Resilience to Climate ChangeClimate Change
2016422Methane Pollution from Drilling on Public LandsClimate Change, Drilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2016428Protecting our ForestsLands/Forests
2016429Lead Poisoning SafeguardsWater
2016431Carbon PollutionClimate Change
2016432Recognizing the Cost of Climate ChangeClimate Change
2016433Protecting Farmworkers from Dangerous PesticidesToxics/Public Right to Know
2016434Methane Pollution SafeguardsClimate Change, Drilling, Dirty Energy
2016436California Water ResourcesWater, Wildlife
2016437National MonumentsLands/Forests
2016447Offshore Drilling in the Eastern Gulf of MexicoDrilling, Dirty Energy
2016449Attack on the Endangered Species ActWildlife
2016452Gray WolvesWildlife
2016453EPA Law EnforcementOther
2016461Arctic Ocean Drilling Dirty Energy, Drilling, Oceans
2016462Marine National MonumentsOceans, Lands/Forests
2016463Endangered Species Act RidersWildlife
2016468Blocking Protections for Clean WaterWater, Dirty Energy
2016471Clean Energy and Public LandsClean Energy, Lands/Forests
2016474Sage Grouse ConservationWildlife
2016535Delaying Safeguards Other
2016570Disaster Funding for Flint, MichiganWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2016585Attack on Public ProtectionsOther
201528Attack on Public SafeguardsOther
201550Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ExportsDirty Energy
201575Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Dirty Energy
2015199Clean Energy FundingClean Energy
2015215Assault on Clean Energy and Clean WaterClean Energy, Water
2015267Fisheries ManagementOceans
2015384Carbon Pollution Limits for Power PlantsClimate Change
2015397Stream Buffer ZoneWater
2015398National Ocean PolicyOceans
2015399Grazing on Public LandsLands/Forests
2015400Social Cost of CarbonClimate Change
2015401Smog PollutionAir
2015402BLM Fracking ProtectionsDirty Energy
2015404Endangered Species ProtectionsWildlife
2015405Ivory SalesWildlife
2015408Big Oil Subsidies on Public LandsDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2015409National MonumentsLands/Forests
2015428Forest ManagementLands/Forests
2015447California Water ResourcesWater
2015458Toxic Coal AshToxics/Public Right to Know
2015462Genetically Modified Food Labeling Toxics/Public Right to Know
2015482Safeguards ShutdownOther
2015508Climate Change Resilience & AdaptationClimate Change
2015549Crude Oil Export BanDirty Energy
2015565Hardrock MiningOther
2015672Fossil Fuel Energy BillDirty Energy
201410Superfund CleanupAir, Water
201439Climate Change and Public LandsClimate Change, Lands/Forests
201441Public Lands AssaultLands/Forests
201450California Water ResourcesWater
201454Broad Attack on Lands and WildlifeLands/Forests, Wildlife
201478Assault on Public ProtectionsAir, Other
201491Undermining Flood Insurance ReformClimate Change, Other
2014103Climate Change ScienceClimate Change
2014106Carbon PollutionClimate Change
2014141Toxic Mining WasteWater
2014147Preventing New ParksLands/Forests
2014177Big Oil BudgetDirty Energy
2014267Blocking Climate Action in Trade AgreementsClimate Change
2014334Military Investments in Advanced BiofuelsTransportation
2014354Gutting Pipeline ReviewDirty Energy
2014359Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ExportsDirty Energy
2014361National Ocean PolicyOceans
2014364Offshore Drilling SubsidiesDirty Energy, Drilling
2014368Big Oil GiveawayDirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests
2014376Clean Energy FundingClean Energy
2014389Social Cost of CarbonClimate Change
2014393Light Bulb Efficiency StandardsClean Energy
2014394Attack on Clean WaterWater
2014397Impacts of Climate ChangeClimate Change
2014402Assault on Clean Energy and Clean WaterClean Energy, Water
2014461Using Best Available ScienceOther
2014470Pesticides PollutionToxics/Public Right to Know
2014515Big Polluter GiveawayDirty Energy, Climate Change, Lands/Forests
2014519Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Climate Change, Dirty Energy
2014525Attack on Scientific IntegrityToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
2014528Attack on Sound ScienceToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
201319McKinney National Wildlife RefugeWildlife
201321Limiting Sandy Response EffortsLands/Forests
201322Resiliency in Disaster ReliefLands/Forests, Wildlife, Climate Change, Other
201388Big Oil BudgetOther
2013179Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Water
2013203Flood Insurance ReformLands/Forests, Water, Other
2013260Agricultural Conservation PracticesLands/Forests, Water
2013286Anti-Environmental Farm BillLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife, Clean Energy, Other
2013299Drilling in Bristol BayDirty Energy, Oceans, Drilling, Wildlife
2013304Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Oceans
2013311Clean Water ProtectionsWater
2013312Water Pollution from Mountaintop RemovalWater, Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2013329Clean Energy FundingClean Energy
2013345Assault on Clean Energy and Clean WaterWater, Clean Energy
2013394Restriction on Dirty FuelsDirty Energy, Climate Change, Other
2013418Toxic Coal AshWater, Dirty Energy
2013430Social Cost of CarbonClimate Change
2013432Blocking Public Health ProtectionsAir, Water
2013440Nuclear SafetyOther
2013445Safeguards ShutdownOther
2013471Hardrock MiningLands/Forests, Dirty Energy
2013479Attack on Judicial ReviewOther
2013483Decimating America's ForestsLands/Forests
2013556Protecting Public Input & Environmental ReviewWater, Other
2013557National Ocean PolicyOceans
2013600Big Oil GiveawayLands/Forests, Drilling
2013601Methane EmissionsClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2013604Ban on Federal Fracking SafeguardsWater, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Drilling
201259Oil Shale LeasingDirty Energy, Water, Drilling
201268Offshore Drilling SubsidiesDirty Energy, Drilling
201271Drilling Everywhere to Fund TransportationClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
201291California Water ResourcesWater, Wildlife
201293St. Croix Wild & Scenic RiverTransportation, Water, Lands/Forests
2012162National MonumentsLands/Forests
2012164Public Lands AssaultLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know, Wildlife
2012168National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in TransportationOther, Transportation
2012170Environmental Assault in the Transportation BillClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Other, Transportation, Water
2012233Restriction on Dirty FuelsDirty Energy
2012234National Ocean PolicyOceans
2012236Sea Turtle ProtectionsOceans, Wildlife
2012241Climate Change EducationClimate Change
2012262Flood Insurance ReformLands/Forests, Water, Other
2012292Keystone XL Tar Sands PipelineClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Water
2012308Clean Water ProtectionsWater
2012311Clean Energy FundingClean Energy
2012317Fossil Fuel FundingDirty Energy
2012329Nuclear Energy SubsidyDirty Energy
2012385Public Land Grab by Federal Police AgentsLands/Forests
2012387Broad Assault on Lands & WildlifeLands/Forests, Wildlife
2012410"Oil Above All" Energy StrategyAir, Lands/Forests, Drilling, Dirty Energy
2012411Coal Ash PollutionDirty Energy, Water
2012447Migratory Bird Treaty ActWildlife
2012468Hardrock MiningLands/Forests
2012506Offshore Drilling Safety ReformsDrilling, Dirty Energy
2012514Drinking Water ProtectionsWater
2012536Safeguards ShutdownOther
2012554Land Conservation CutsLands/Forests
2012568Minnesota Boundary Waters Land ExchangeLands/Forests, Water
2012593Carbon Pollution Endangerment FindingClimate Change
2012597Clean Water SafeguardsWater, Wildlife
2012600Regional Haze Air PollutionAir, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2012603Broad Environmental AssaultAir, Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know, Water
201161Land and Water Conservation FundLands/Forests
2011109Offshore Drilling SubsidiesDrilling, Dirty Energy
2011113Off-Road Vehicles in National Forests Lands/Forests
2011120The Chesapeake BayWater
2011123Florida's Water QualityWater
2011135Clean Water SafeguardsWater
2011139National MonumentsLands/Forests
2011147Sweeping Environmental Funding and Policy AssaultAir, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Water, Wildlife
2011206Pesticides PollutionWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2011249Global Warming Pollution Climate Change
2011301Offshore Drilling Safety ReformsDirty Energy, Drilling
2011309Weakening OffShore Drilling OversightDirty Energy, Drilling
2011320Offshore Drilling ExpansionDirty Energy, Drilling
2011391Border Fence Environmental MitigationLands/Forests, Wildlife, Other
2011448Climate Change AdaptionClimate Change
2011478Offshore Drilling Air PollutionAir, Dirty Energy
2011540Clean Water ProtectionsWater
2011562Flood Insurance ReformOther
2011563Light Bulb Efficiency StandardsClean Energy
2011573Dirty Water ActWater
2011590Gulf Coast RestorationLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2011591Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyClean Energy
2011633Environmental FundingAir, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
2011650Keystone XL Tar Sands PipelineClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Water, Lands/Forests
2011652Endangered Species ActWildlife
2011741Assault on the Clean Air ActAir, Other
2011800Coal Ash PollutionWater, Dirty Energy
2011809Hard Rock MiningLands/Forests, Other
2011836Controlling Aquatic Invasive SpeciesWildlife, Water
2010--Dirty Air Act CosponsorshipClimate Change, Air
2010109Algal Bloom ReductionOceans, Climate Change
2010137Upper Mississippi River RestorationWater, Wildlife
2010142Water EducationWater
2010209Estuary ProtectionWater, Oceans, Climate Change
2010341Ocean Acidification PreventionOceans, Climate Change
2010435San Antonio Mission ParkLands/Forests, Water
2010512Gulf Oil Spill ResponseDrilling, Dirty Energy
2010513Gulf Oil Spill ResponseDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests
2010530Energy EfficiencyClean Energy
200970Clean Energy RecoveryClean Energy, Transportation
2009123Clean Water FundingWater, Other
2009153Public Lands ProtectionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2009161Undermining Forest ManagementLands/Forests, Wildlife
2009194Rare Cat and Dog ConservationWildlife
2009259Greening SchoolsClean Energy
2009366Water ResourcesWater, Oceans, Wildlife
2009475Environmental FundingOther
2009477Climate Change and Clean EnergyClimate Change, Clean Energy
2009477Climate Change and Clean Energy (2x Score)Climate Change, Clean Energy
2009558Defunding Environmental and Energy StaffClimate Change, Clean Energy
2009875Chemical SecurityToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
2009905Protecting the Mollalla RiverWater, Wildlife
200816Green Building StandardsClean Energy
200884Clean Energy Tax Credits IClean Energy
2008172Public Lands GrazingLands/Forests
2008174National Landscape Conservation SystemLands/Forests
2008226Public Lands ProtectionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2008258Farm Bill -- Subsidy ReformLands/Forests
2008321Arctic Refuge, Offshore, Western DrillingDrilling, Lands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Wildlife
2008343Undermining Clean Energy Tax CreditsClean Energy
2008344Clean Energy Tax Credits IIClean Energy
2008382Environmental FundingOther
2008467Public Transportation GrantsTransportation, Clean Energy
2008598Gutting Renewable EnergyClean Energy, Dirty Energy, Drilling
2008614No Child Left InsideOther
200740Oil Subsidies RepealDrilling, Clean Energy, Dirty Energy
200791Liquid CoalDirty Energy, Climate Change
2007135Clean WaterWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2007337Global Warming and National SecurityClimate Change
2007526Electric Transmission CorridorsLands/Forests
2007552Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2007555Reducing Global WarmingClimate Change
2007556Clean AirAir
2007558Mexican Wolf RecoveryWildlife
2007563Tongass Logging RoadsLands/Forests, Wildlife
2007577Oil ShaleDrilling, Dirty Energy
2007579Environmental FundingOther
2007747Farm Bill -- Subsidy ReformLands/Forests
2007754Grasslands ProtectionLands/Forests, Wildlife
2007827Energy Legislation: Fuel Efficiency and Clean, Renewable Energy IClean Energy, Climate Change
2007832Energy Legislation: Fuel Efficiency and Clean, Renewable Energy IIClean Energy, Climate Change
20071030Hardrock MiningLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
20071033Hardrock MiningLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
20071140Energy Legislation: Fuel Efficiency and Clean, Renewable Energy IIIClean Energy, Climate Change, Transportation
200632Food SafetyToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
200666Low-Income Energy AssistanceClean Energy
2006147Salvage LoggingLands/Forests, Wildlife
2006151Salvage LoggingLands/Forests, Wildlife
2006165Toxics Release InventoryToxics/Public Right to Know
2006167Drilling RoyaltiesDrilling, Dirty Energy
2006168Tongass Logging RoadsLands/Forests, Wildlife
2006169Clean WaterWater
2006170Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2006209Arctic National Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Dirty Energy
2006232Oil RefineriesDirty Energy, Air
2006356Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
200529Border Construction ExemptionLands/Forests, Wildlife
200588Environmental Funding CutsOther
2005115Oil RefineriesDirty Energy, Air, Lands/Forests
2005121Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
2005122Arctic National Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2005129MTBE LiabilityToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
2005130Environmental JusticeToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
2005131Natural Gas FacilitiesDirty Energy
2005132Energy BillDrilling, Dirty Energy, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
2005149Arctic National Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2005192Natural Gas DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2005377Water ProjectsWater
2005445Energy Conference ReportDrilling, Dirty Energy
2005506Endangered SpeciesWildlife
2005519Air Pollution and Oil RefineriesDirty Energy, Air, Lands/Forests
2005601Public Lands Sell-OffLands/Forests, Dirty Energy
2005666Arctic National Wildlife RefugeDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
200492Environmental FundingOther
2004187Scientific IntegrityOther
2004241National Energy PolicyDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2004242NEPA LimitsClean Energy, Other
2004246Oil RefineriesDirty Energy
2004247Fuel BlendsAir, Dirty Energy
2004253Tongass ProtectionsLands/Forests, Wildlife
2004254National Forest ManagementLands/Forests, Wildlife
2004263Yellowstone SnowmobilesLands/Forests, Wildlife, Air
2004301Environmental FundingOther
2004318Environmental FundingOther
200331Anti-Environmental RidersLands/Forests, Drilling, Dirty Energy, Wildlife, Other
2003132Oil SavingsClean Energy, Transportation
2003134Arctic DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2003135Arctic DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2003145Energy PlanDirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2003145Energy Plan (2x Score)Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2003198Forest Fire PolicyLands/Forests
2003200Forest Fire PolicyLands/Forests
2003202Defense Environmental ExemptionsLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife, Other
2003380Klamath Wildlife Refuge Farming LeasesWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2003383Bison in YellowstoneWildlife
2003384Forest Management PlansLands/Forests, Wildlife
2003385Snowmobiles in YellowstoneLands/Forests, Air, Wildlife
2003386Forest Roadless RuleLands/Forests, Wildlife
2003391Delaware Channel ProjectWater, Other
2003469Bike and Pedestrian TrailsTransportation
2003540Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2003598Ozone PollutionAir
2003618Clean Water Act ExemptionsWater
2002100Farm ConservationLands/Forests
2002122Farm ConservationLands/Forests
2002133Yucca MountainToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
2002136Defense Environmental ExemptionsOther, Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
2002315California Coastal DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2002316Klamath Wildlife Refuge Farming LeasesWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2002363Right to KnowToxics/Public Right to Know
2002370Trade and EnvironmentOther
2001115Family PlanningOther
2001178Energy EfficiencyClean Energy
2001180Monuments DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2001181Gulf DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2001182Hardrock MiningLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2001203Great Lakes DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy
2001288ArsenicWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2001289EPA EnforcementOther, Air, Water
2001311Fuel EconomyClean Energy, Transportation
2001316Arctic DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2001317Arctic DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
2001320National Energy PolicyDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Drilling, Wildlife, Water
2001366Farm ConservationLands/Forests
2001481Fast TrackOther
200055TakingsOther, Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
200063Nuclear WasteToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
2000179Land Conservation FundingLands/Forests
2000240Utah WildernessLands/Forests
2000277Timber Sales SubsidiesLands/Forests, Wildlife
2000279Columbia Basin Land ManagementLands/Forests, Wildlife
2000280National MonumentsLands/Forests
2000304Clean WaterWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2000305Air Right to KnowAir, Toxics/Public Right to Know
2000323Global Climate ChangeClimate Change
2000338Delaware River DredgingWater, Other
2000382Wild Predator ControlWildlife
2000494Superfund ExemptionToxics/Public Right to Know
199915Restricting New Health and Safety PrecautionsOther, Toxics/Public Right to Know, Water
199917Restricting New Health and Safety PrecautionsOther, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199919Undermining Environmental Reporting and InformationOther, Toxics/Public Right to Know
199920Undermining Environmental Reporting and InformationOther, Toxics/Public Right to Know, Water
1999172Wild Predator ControlWildlife
1999281Land and Water Conservation FundLands/Forests
1999282Fossil Fuel ResearchDirty Energy
1999288Mining WasteToxics/Public Right to Know, Lands/Forests
1999293Wildlife and Fisheries ManagementWildlife
1999341Wetlands PermitsWater, Other
1999383World Heritage SitesOther, Lands/Forests
1999473Interior Appropriations RidersOther, Lands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1999528Interior Appropriations RidersOther, Lands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know, Drilling
1999560Timber Revenues for Rural CommunitiesLands/Forests
199852Weakening Land Use Protections -- "Takings"Other, Lands/Forests
199863Tropical Forest ConservationLands/Forests, Wildlife
199874Undermining Environmental Reporting and InformationOther, Toxics/Public Right to Know, Water
199879Protecting Roadless Areas in ForestsLands/Forests, Wildlife
199880Logging in National ForestsLands/Forests, Wildlife
1998160Restricting New Health and Safety PrecautionsOther, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1998313Funding Energy Efficiency ProgramsClean Energy
1998328Alaska Wildlife Area RoadWildlife, Lands/Forests
1998329Alaska Logging RoadsLands/Forests, Wildlife
1998332Global Warming Gag RuleClimate Change
1998334Removing Anti-Environment EPA RidersOther, Air, Water, Climate Change, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1997--Dirty AirAir
1997108Endangered Species Act Flood WaiversWildlife, Other
1997262Logging Roads SubsidiesLands/Forests, Wildlife
1997264"Clean Coal" Technology ProgramDirty Energy, Air
1997312Sugar "Subsidy"Other
1997328Animas-La Plata Irrigation ProjectWater, Wildlife, Other
1997424National Wildlife RefugesWildlife, Lands/Forests
1997495Limiting National MonumentsLands/Forests
1997497Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal CompactToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
1997504Restricting World Heritage Sites and Biosphere ReservesOther, Lands/Forests
1997519Weakening Land Use Protections -- "Takings"Other, Lands/Forests
1997546Grazing SubsidyLands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
1997549Irresponsible Grazing PoliciesLands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
1997557Nevada Nuclear Waste DumpToxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy
19965Anti-Environment Riders IOther, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Clean Energy
199635Sugar SubsidyOther
199655Anti-Environment Riders IIOther, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Clean Energy
1996131Wildlife RefugesWildlife, Lands/Forests
1996207Climate Change ResearchClimate Change
1996251Federal Land AcquisitionLands/Forests
1996253Redwoods and Endangered SpeciesLands/Forests, Wildlife
1996262Logging Without LawsLands/Forests
1996266Logging RoadsLands/Forests, Wildlife
1996279SuperfundToxics/Public Right to Know
1996354Pork Barrel Water ProjectWater, Wildlife, Other
1996357Subsidizing Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1996358Renewable Energy ResearchClean Energy
1995183Safeguards RollbackOther
1995240Logging Without LawsLands/Forests
1995337Dirty Water ActWater
1995337Dirty Water Act (2x Score)Water
1995488Funding Renewable EnergyClean Energy
1995509California Desert -- Mojave PreserveLands/Forests, Wildlife
1995605Crippling the EPA IOther, Water, Air
1995667Closing National ParksLands/Forests
1995762Crippling the EPA IIOther, Water, Air
1995799Alaska Forest / Mining GiveawayLands/Forests
1994--Bad Drinking WaterWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1994--Renewable Energy FundingClean Energy
1994--Food SafetyToxics/Public Right to Know
1994--Redwood Forest ProtectionLands/Forests
1994172Montana Wilderness -- Scientific StudyLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994173Montana Wilderness -- Subsidized RoadsLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994231California Desert -- Off-Road VehiclesLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994233California Desert -- Motor Vehicle UseLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994234Nuclear Pork Barrel -- 1Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1994260A New Biological SurveyWildlife, Lands/Forests
1994261Presidio ParkLands/Forests
1994271Coal SubsidyDirty Energy
1994315California Desert -- Livestock GrazingLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994316California Desert -- Hunting in ParkLands/Forests
1994317California Desert -- Land AcquisitionLands/Forests
1994325California Desert -- Endangered SpeciesLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994355California Desert -- Revoke ProtectionLands/Forests, Wildlife
1994360Protection from Radon GasToxics/Public Right to Know
1994362Development in ParksLands/Forests
1994366Nuclear Pork Barrel -- 2Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1993--Endangered Species ActWildlife
1993--Arctic WildernessWildlife, Lands/Forests
1993--Desert ProtectionWildlife, Lands/Forests
1993--Wetlands DestructionLands/Forests, Water
1993--Endangered Species ActWildlife
1993190Wastewater CleanupWater
1993232Global Population CrisisOther
1993264Protecting the Everglades EcosystemWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1993267Nuclear Pork Barrel SpendingDirty Energy
1993323Stopping the Timber GiveawayLands/Forests
1993331Coal SubsidiesDirty Energy, Clean Energy
1993334Protecting Wildlife HabitatWildlife, Lands/Forests
1993465Livestock Grazing on Public LandLands/Forests
1993482Advanced Solid Rocket MotorAir, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1993483National Biological Survey and "Takings"Lands/Forests, Other, Wildlife
1993484National Biological Survey and "Takings"Wildlife, Other, Lands/Forests
1993569Mining Law ReformLands/Forests
1993576Mining Law ReformLands/Forests
1993609Hazardous Waste CleanupToxics/Public Right to Know
1992--Arctic National Wildlife RefugeLands/Forests, Wildlife
1992--Wetlands Destruction BillWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1992--Community Right to Know More ActToxics/Public Right to Know
1992--Endangered Species ActWildlife
1992--Ancient Forest ProtectionLands/Forests, Wildlife
1992--Global Climate Protection ActClimate Change
1992--Population FundingOther
1992132Energy EfficiencyClean Energy
1992134Nuclear SafetyDirty Energy
1992140Energy SecurityDirty Energy
1992142River ProtectionWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1992164Nuclear Weapons Testing MoratoriumDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1992199Nuclear EnergyDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1992256Council on CompetitivenessOther
1992287Waste Isolation Pilot PlantDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1992300Grazing FeesLands/Forests
1991--Utah Wilderness ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
1991--Arctic National Wildlife RefugeLands/Forests, Wildlife
1991--Turning Off the Toxic TapToxics/Public Right to Know
1991--Ancient ForestsLands/Forests, Wildlife
199187Wild and Scenic RiversLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1991141Global ResearchClimate Change
1991194Grazing FeesLands/Forests
1991306Tallgrass Prairie National MonumentLands/Forests
1991420California Desert Protection ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
1991430National Park IntegrityLands/Forests
1990133Consumer Protection for the EnvironmentAir, Transportation, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1990175Plutonium ProductionDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1990177Saving Salmon by Demanding the User PayWildlife, Water
1990197Wild and Scenic RiversLands/Forests, Water
1990297Organic FoodsToxics/Public Right to Know
1989106Water Cost-SharingWater
1989127Rainforest ProtectionLands/Forests, Wildlife
1989164Plutonium ProductionDirty Energy
1989327Oil Spill Liability / State Pre-EmptionDirty Energy, Drilling
1989330Oil Spill Liability / States RightsDirty Energy, Drilling
1989331Oil Spill Liability / Liability Standards IDirty Energy, Drilling
1989334Oil Spill Liability / Liability Standards IIDirty Energy, Drilling
1989351Wilderness DesignationLands/Forests, Wildlife
1989354Wilderness Water RightsWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1988--Acid RainAir
1988--Arctic National Wildlife Refuge IILands/Forests, Wildlife
1988--Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ILands/Forests, Wildlife
1988616Water Projects IIWater
198713Clean WaterWater
1987152Public Land ReformLands/Forests
1987204Energy ConservationClean Energy
1987274Nuclear Liability IDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1987275Nuclear Liability IIDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1987293Nuclear Power Plant LicensingDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1987356Water Projects IWater, Wildlife
1987433Clean AirAir
1987467Endangered Species IWildlife
1987468Endangered Species IIWildlife
1987474Ocean PollutionOceans, Wildlife
1986--Acid Rain ControlAir
1986536Great Basin National ParkLands/Forests
1986654Bonneville Unit, Central Utah ProjectWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1986714Billboard ControlOther
1986726Nuclear Test BanDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1986804Pesticide ControlToxics/Public Right to Know
1986882Columbia River GorgeLands/Forests, Water
1985133Water Project Cost SharingWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1985224Clean Water: Toxic WasteWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1985225Water Pollution FundingWater
1985228Synthetic Fossil Fuel SubsidiesDirty Energy
1985270WestwayTransportation, Air, Wildlife
1985305Soil ConservationLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1985358Water Project Cost Sharing ExemptionsWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1985359Elk Creek DamWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1985407Superfund: Federal Court Damage SuitsToxics/Public Right to Know
1985408Superfund: Right to KnowToxics/Public Right to Know
1984503Low Income Home Insulation -- Funding LevelsClean Energy
1984504Low Income Home Insulation -- Final PassageClean Energy
1984507Organic FarmingLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1984516Energy Conservation Versus Power Plant ConstructionClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1984540Water Project Cost Sharing -- Maintenance and RepairsWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1984610Irish Wilderness in MissouriLands/Forests, Wildlife
1984642Nuclear Breeder Versus Safe Energy ResearchDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1984692Oregon Wilderness ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
1984764Cross Florida Barge CanalLands/Forests, Wildlife, Water, Transportation
1984771Falmouth DamWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1984773Water Project Cost Sharing -- New ConstructionWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1984783Cutting Synthetic Fossil Fuel Subsidies IDirty Energy
1984794Burford AppointmentOther
1984806Cutting Synthetic Fossil Fuel Subsidies IIDirty Energy
1984808Interior Department FundingOther
1984822Superfund -- Federal Court Damages SuitToxics/Public Right to Know
1984823Superfund -- Citizens Right to Force Toxic CleanupToxics/Public Right to Know
1984829Superfund -- Victims CompensationToxics/Public Right to Know
1984830Toxic Waste Cleanup -- SuperfundToxics/Public Right to Know
1984839California Wilderness ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
1984851Safe Drinking Water ActWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1984857Oregon Inlet Water ProjectOceans, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1984888Striped Bass ConservationWildlife, Oceans
198335Oregon Wilderness ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
198346California Wilderness ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
1983134Energy ConservationClean Energy
1983139Pollution Control FundingOther
1983156Stonewall Jackson DamWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1983158Dolores and Dallas Creek ProjectsWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1983208Garrison Diversion Water ProjectWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1983212Interior Department FundingOther
1983339Coal Slurry PipelineDirty Energy, Water
1983353Nuclear Non-ProliferationDirty Energy
1983357National Park System Protection ActLands/Forests
1983364Water Projects Cost SharingWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1983420Toxic WastesToxics/Public Right to Know
1982423Mine Safety (1982)Other
1982480American Conservation CorpsOther
1982605State Rights to Regulate PesticidesToxics/Public Right to Know
1982611Oil and Gas Exploration in Wilderness AreasLands/Forests, Dirty Energy, Drilling
1982622Organic FarmingLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982646Hazardous Waste RegulationToxics/Public Right to Know
1982647Elimination of "Common Law" Legal Rights of Hazardous Waste VictimsToxics/Public Right to Know
1982666Air Pollution: Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance ProgramAir, Transportation
1982703Coastal Barrier Islands ProtectionLands/Forests, Wildlife
1982709State Coastal Resources ManagementOceans, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1982736Environmental Safeguards for Disposal of Military Nuclear WasteDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982737Role of States in Nuclear Waste Siting DecisionsDirty Energy
1982739Military Use of Civilian Nuclear ReactorsDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982746Interstate Highway ConstructionTransportation
1982775Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982776O'Neill Irrigation ProjectWildlife, Water, Lands/Forests
1982777Garrison Diversion Water ProjectWildlife, Water, Lands/Forests
1982782Oregon Wilderness ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
1982783Paddy Creek Wilderness ActLands/Forests, Wildlife
1982791Irish Wilderness AreaLands/Forests, Wildlife
1982797Gorsuch Contempt of Congress CitationToxics/Public Right to Know
198169Infant FormulaOther
1981108Nuclear Basing ModeLands/Forests
1981135Clean Air Act EnforcementAir, Transportation
1981142Solvent Refined Coal FundingDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981147Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway (1981)Water, Wildlife, Lands/Forests, Transportation
1981148Stonewall Jackson DamWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1981149Garrison Diversion Water Project IWildlife, Water, Lands/Forests
1981150Clinch River Nuclear Breeder Reactor (1981)Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981151Barnwell Nuclear Fuel FacilityDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981233Mine SafetyOther
1981281Interior FundingOther
1981311Garrison Diversion Water Project IIWildlife, Water, Lands/Forests
1980695Water Projects (1980)Water
1980702Farmland ProtectionLands/Forests
1980724Solar and Energy Conservation Tax CreditsClean Energy
1980836Idaho Wilderness ILands/Forests, Wildlife
1980887MX Missile ILands/Forests
1980897MX Missile IILands/Forests
1980999Solar Energy FundingClean Energy
19801001Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway (1980)Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife, Transportation
19801002O'Neill ProjectWater
19801003Nuclear Waste Safety ResearchDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
19801008Synthetic Fossil FuelsDirty Energy
19801014Energy Mobilization BoardOther
19801023Idaho Wilderness IILands/Forests, Wildlife
19801104Big Sur Coast Area ActLands/Forests
19801140Railroad DeregulationTransportation
19801164Sale of Nuclear Fuel to IndiaDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
19801184Tug Fork ProjectWater
19801231Northwest PowerDirty Energy
19801251Mass TransitTransportation
19801258Nuclear Waste SitingDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
19801259Cleaning Up Toxic ChemicalsToxics/Public Right to Know
197945Population IIOther
1979113Railroads ITransportation
1979139Alaska Lands (2x Score)Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1979139Alaska LandsLands/Forests, Wildlife
1979169Urban Mass TransitTransportation
1979227Water ProjectsWater
1979232Emergency Evacuation Plans for Nuclear PlantsDirty Energy
1979254Groundwater Contamination and Acid RainToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
1979258Synthetic Fuels from CoalDirty Energy
1979261Synthetic Fuel MonopoliesDirty Energy
1979269The Workplace EnvironmentOther
1979279Windfall Profits Tax IClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1979281Windfall Profits Tax IIDirty Energy
1979345Railroads IITransportation
1979348Gasoline RationingDirty Energy
1979355Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy
1979360Safe Drinking Water AmendmentsToxics/Public Right to Know, Water
1979385Tellico DamLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1979556Energy Mobilization Board IOther
1979557Energy Mobilization Board IIOther
1979598Solar SatelliteOther
1979610Pesticides IToxics/Public Right to Know
1979611Pesticides IIToxics/Public Right to Know
1979614Nuclear Reactor SafetyDirty Energy
1979615Nuclear Construction MoratoriumDirty Energy
1979618Wind EnergyClean Energy
1979646Asbestos in SchoolsToxics/Public Right to Know
1978717Offshore Oil Development IIDrilling, Air
1978734Offshore Oil Development IDrilling, Oceans
1978735Offshore Oil Development IIIDrilling, Air
1978750Endangered American Wilderness ActLands/Forests
1978757Black Lung BenefitsDirty Energy, Other, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1978991Alaska Lands Act ILands/Forests, Wildlife
1978992Alaska Lands Act IILands/Forests, Wildlife
19781056Boundary Waters Canoe AreaLands/Forests, Water
19781082Toxic Substances Control ActToxics/Public Right to Know
19781091Occupation Safety and HealthOther
19781105Water Projects IWater
19781106Water Projects IIWater
19781127Solar Satellite ProgramClean Energy
19781162Delaware RiverLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
19781172Uranium Export to IndiaDirty Energy, Other
19781181Solvent Refined CoalDirty Energy
19781186Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy
19781198Coal Slurry PipelinesDirty Energy
19781240Other Nuclear ExportsDirty Energy, Other
19781411Money for RailroadsTransportation
19781426Highway SpendingTransportation
19781436Family PlanningOther
19781480Water Projects IIIWater
19781483National Environmental Policy ActWater, Other
19781511Lock and DamWater, Wildlife
19781519Endangered Species ActWater, Wildlife
19781530National Energy ActClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1977143Water ProjectsWater
1977152Strip MiningDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Water
1977202Flood InsuranceLands/Forests, Water
1977263Clean Air Act IAir
1977266Clean Air Act IITransportation, Air
1977267Clean Air Act IIITransportation, Air
1977270Tuna / Porpoise Protection IWildlife, Oceans
1977277Federal Energy DepartmentLands/Forests
1977298Noise / SSTTransportation
1977313Water ProjectsWater
1977461National Energy Policy ILands/Forests, Transportation
1977464National Energy Policy IIClean Energy
1977481National Energy Policy IIIDirty Energy
1977482National Energy PolicyClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1977528Clinch River Nuclear Breeder Reactor IDirty Energy
1977534Clinch River Nuclear Breeder Reactor IIDirty Energy
1977535Solar EnergyClean Energy
1977588Lock and Dam 26Water, Transportation
1977612Montana Wilderness StudyLands/Forests
1976651Indiana DunesLands/Forests, Water
1976664Black LungAir, Dirty Energy
1976786Land and Water Conservation FundLands/Forests
1976816Solar EnergyClean Energy
1976823Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy
1976889Offshore Oil DrillingDrilling
1976891Garrison DiversionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1976945Population ResearchOther
19761018Mining WithdrawalsLands/Forests
19761061Highway SpendingTransportation
19761066Uranium EnrichmentDirty Energy
19761075National Park TaxesLands/Forests
19761090New RiverLands/Forests, Water
19761098Toxic ChemicalsToxics/Public Right to Know
19761165National Parks MiningLands/Forests
19761166Death Valley MiningLands/Forests
19761169Auto EmissionsAir, Transportation
19761217Water RightsLands/Forests, Water
19761239Offshore OilDrilling
197521Oil SubsidiesDirty Energy
197534Strip Mining IDirty Energy
197535Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
1975178Lock and Dam 26Water
1975200Strip Mining IIIDirty Energy
1975237Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy
1975241Nuclear ExportsDirty Energy
1975255Solar Energy FundingClean Energy
1975256Dickey-Lincoln DamWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1975257Trinity River Barge CanalWater, Lands/Forests
1975310Wetlands ProtectionWater, Wildlife
1975392Fuel Efficiency StandardsClean Energy
1975396Energy ConservationClean Energy
1975436EPA RestrictionsTransportation, Air
1975452Pesticide ControlToxics/Public Right to Know
1975456Fishing LimitsOceans, Wildlife
1975557Nuclear LiabilityDirty Energy
1975572Synthetic Fuel ResearchDirty Energy
1975573Oil ShaleDirty Energy
1975599Highway ConstructionTransportation
1974668Nuclear MiningDirty Energy
1974672Auto EmissionsTransportation, Air
1974730Dickey-Lincoln DamWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1974739Land UseLands/Forests, Transportation
1974777OSHA FundingOther
1974802Nuclear LiabilityDirty Energy
1974814Strip Mining IDirty Energy
1974823Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
1974840Nuclear ExportsDirty Energy
1974897Mass Transit ITransportation
1974908Mass Transit IITransportation
1974971House Committee ReorganizationDirty Energy, Other
1974983Oil TankersDirty Energy, Oceans, Transportation
19741006Clean Drinking WaterWater
19741040EPA RestrictionsAir
19741068Wild and Scenic RiversLands/Forests, Water
197366Mass TransitTransportation
197395Environmental FundingOther
1973195Radioactive Emissions RegulationsDirty Energy
1973215Nuclear MiningDirty Energy
1973216Geothermal EnergyClean Energy
1973239Pesticide ControlToxics/Public Right to Know
1973264EPA RestrictionsToxics/Public Right to Know
1973265EPA LitigationOther
1973301Alaskan Pipeline ConstructionDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1973302NEPA OverrideDirty Energy, Other
1973305Alaskan Pipeline DevelopmentDirty Energy, Other
1973338Strip MiningLands/Forests
1973366Mass TransitTransportation
1973401Environmental EducationOther
1973489Auto Emissions IAir, Transportation
1973491Auto Emissions IIAir, Transportation
1973521Green Building StandardsClean Energy
1973524Alternative Energy ResearchClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1972375Pollution ControlWater
1972376NEPA WeakeningWater, Other
1972378EPA AuthorityWater
1972379EPA FundingWater
1972380Pollution ControlOther
1972381Land Based Water TreatmentWater
1972457OSHA FundingOther
1972458OSHA ExceptionsOther
1972513Government Toxic LiabilityToxics/Public Right to Know
1972614Highway Trust FundTransportation
1972615Highway ConstructionTransportation, Lands/Forests
1972625Strip MiningDirty Energy
1972648Clean WaterWater
197114SST ITransportation
197150DC Metro ITransportation
197151SST IITransportation
1971102ChannelizationWater, Wildlife
1971125Nuclear WasteDirty Energy
1971145Nuclear TestingDirty Energy, Oceans, Wildlife
1971146Dickey-Lincoln DamWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
1971208Alaskan Land UseLands/Forests, Wildlife
1971247Pesticide ControlToxics/Public Right to Know
1971248EPA Liability IToxics/Public Right to Know
1971249EPA Liability IIToxics/Public Right to Know
1971279Campaign MediaOther
1971286DC Metro IITransportation
1971375Family PlanningOther
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