1979 Scorecard Vote

Synthetic Fuels I
Senate Roll Call Vote 389
Issues: Clean Energy, Dirty Energy

S. 932. The vote is on the Proxmire amendment to substitute the Banking Committee's bill for the one reported by the Senate Energy Committee. The Proxmire substitute had a much more modest program for synthetic fossil fuels, costing only $3 to $9 billion instead of $20 billion. Instead, it shifted more money to energy conservation and renewable energy sources, providing over $1 billion for a solar bank to make subsidized loans for home heating, $6 billion for a similar bank to promote energy conservation, and over $4 billion for loan guarantees and grants to encourage the development of alcohol fuels from agricultural products. These amounts were far more generous than those in the Energy Committee version, which gave only peanuts to alternative sources and $20 billion for synthetic fuels from coal. The renewable energy sources in Proxmire's substitute are both cheaper and better for the environment than synthetic fuels from coal. The Administration opposed the Proxmire amendment. November 7, 1979. Rejected 37-57. YES is the correct vote.

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pro-environment position
Votes For: 36  
Votes Against: 57  
Not Voting: 6  
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