Recent Votes

Recent Votes are key environmental votes that will be under serious consideration for inclusion in this year's National Environmental Scorecard

Roll CallVote NameIssuesVote Date
148Expanding Dirty and Dangerous Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Oceans05/04/2022
Roll CallVote NameIssuesVote Date
345Protecting the Grand Canyon and Colorado’s Public LandsLands/Forests, Dirty Energy07/14/2022
267Recovering America’s WildlifeLands/Forests, Wildlife06/14/2022
232Cracking Down On Oil Industry Price GougingDirty Energy, Drilling05/19/2022
20Undermining Our International Climate Commitments in the COMPETES ActDirty Energy, Climate Change, Clean Energy02/03/2022
18Advancing Climate Action in the COMPETES Act Climate Change, Clean Energy, Transportation, Environmental Justice, Oceans02/03/2022