Recent Votes

Recent Votes are key environmental votes that will be under serious consideration for inclusion in this year's National Environmental Scorecard

Roll CallVote NameIssuesVote Date
Roll CallVote NameIssuesVote Date
271Separation of Powers Restoration Act (SOPRA)Other; Clean Air and Water; Climate; Justice and Democracy06/15/2023
265Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2023 (REINS Act)Other; Clean Air and Water; Climate; Environmental Justice06/14/2023
232 Blocking Limits on Health-Harming Pollution from TrucksClean Air, Transportation, Climate05/23/2023
199Default on America ActClimate Change, Clean Energy, Air, Dirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests, Other04/26/2023
182H.R. 1 the Polluters over People ActDirty Energy, Toxics, Environmental Justice03/30/2023
167Amendment #2 to H.R. 1 the Polluters Over People ActDirty Energy, Environmental Justice03/29/2023
124Ignoring Climate Risks to Retirement SavingsClimate Change; Other; Dirty Energy02/28/2023
93H.R. 21 the Strategic Production Response ActDirty Energy, Public Lands01/27/2023
23Anti-Environment and Anti-Democracy Rules PackageClimate Change, Other, Clean Energy, Clean Air and Clean Water, Environmental Justice, Justice and Democracy01/09/2023