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Walter Darlington Huddleston
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1984650Synthetic Fossil Fuel SubsidiesDirty Energy
1984635Toxic Waste SuperfundToxics/Public Right to Know
1984598Soil Conservation -- SodbustingLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1984569Government Dam Power RatesWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1984562Burford AppointmentOther
1984440Home Energy ConservationClean Energy
1984436Synthetic Fuel Tax CreditsDirty Energy
1984392Nuclear Export AgreementsDirty Energy
1984389Nuclear Exports -- Nuclear Weapons ProliferationDirty Energy
1983368Offshore Oil Leasing -- Ocean and Coastal ProtectionDrilling, Dirty Energy, Wildlife
1983306Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1983244Selling Coal on Federal Lands: Moratorium IIDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife, Water
1983231Northwest Nuclear Utility BailoutDirty Energy
1983163Garrison Diversion Water ProjectWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
1983138Selling Coal on Federal Lands: Moratorium IDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Wildlife
198324Water Pollution FundingWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982923Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982910Highway ConstructionTransportation
1982901Moratorium on Federal Coal Lease SalesDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1982857Soil ConservationLands/Forests, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982853Funding for EPA Research and Toxic CleanupToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
1982661Mine SafetyOther
1982638Toxic Waste Cleanup BudgetToxics/Public Right to Know
1982586Temporary "Away From Reactor" Storage of Nuclear WastesDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982584Role of States in Nuclear Waste Siting DecisionsDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1982561Military Use of Civilian Nuclear ReactorsDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981481Mine SafetyOther
1981422Funding for EPA and CEQOther
1981355Clinch River Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981353Tennessee-Tombigbee WaterwayWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests, Transportation
1981336Interior FundingOther
1981335Solvent Refined Coal FundingDirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know
1981334Low-Income Home InsulationClean Energy
1981332Home Energy ConservationClean Energy
1981186Motorcycle Noise StandardsOther
1981176Nuclear Research and DevelopmentDirty Energy
1981165Solar Energy BudgetingClean Energy
1981113Nuclear Basing ModeLands/Forests
198199Water Projects FundingWater, Wildlife, Lands/Forests
198156Funding for Mass Transit and Low-Income Home InsulationClean Energy, Transportation
1980948Nuclear ProliferationDirty Energy, Other
1980902Tennessee-Tombigbee WaterwayLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1980886Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
1980884Strip Mining IIIDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1980862Alaska Lands IIILands/Forests, Wildlife
1980836Nuclear WasteDirty Energy
1980832Workplace EnvironmentOther
1980814Alaska Lands IILands/Forests, Wildlife
1980813Alaska Lands IVLands/Forests, Wildlife
1980812Alaska Lands ILands/Forests, Wildlife
1980770Garrison DiversionLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1980756Clean AirAir
1980607Water Project BudgetWater
1979449Windfall Profits TaxClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1979420River of No ReturnLands/Forests
1979394Energy Conservation IClean Energy
1979389Synthetic Fuels IClean Energy, Dirty Energy
1979358Synthetic Fuels IIDirty Energy
1979330Energy Mobilization Board IIOther
1979328Energy Mobilization Board IOther
1979320Energy Conservation IIClean Energy
1979284Acre LimitationsWater
1979272Strip Mining IDirty Energy
1979269Endangered Species: Tellico Dam ILands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1979263Pollution RegulationsAir
1979180Endangered Species: Tellico Dam IILands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1979179Dickey-Lincoln DamLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1979174Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1978974Coal RoadsDirty Energy, Transportation
1978935National Environmental Policy Act ExemptionWater, Other
1978860Endangered SpeciesWildlife
1978856Endangered Species ActWildlife
1978807Mass TransitTransportation
1978783Water SubsidiesWater, Lands/Forests
1978659Redwood Park Expansion ILands/Forests
1978658Redwood Park Expansion IILands/Forests
1977595Energy Tax Incentives IIDirty Energy
1977589Oil ShaleDirty Energy, Drilling
1977582Energy Tax Incentives IDirty Energy
1977530Utility Rate ReformClean Energy
1977363Free Federal ParkingTransportation
1977352Energy MonopoliesDirty Energy
1977335Clean Water EnforcementWater, Other
1977334Clean WaterWater, Wildlife
1977332Wetlands ProtectionWater, Lands/Forests
1977293Offshore Oil Drilling IIDrilling
1977290Offshore Oil Drilling IDrilling
1977279Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1977275Nuclear Breeder ReactorDirty Energy
1977274Nuclear PowerDirty Energy
1977270Water ProjectsWater, Lands/Forests
1977232Waterway User FeesWater, Transportation
1977230Mine SafetyDirty Energy
1977227Mine SafetyDirty Energy
1977183Clean Air Amendments IIIAir, Lands/Forests
1977178Clean Air Amendments IAir
1977173Flood Plain DevelopmentWater, Lands/Forests
1977156Strip Mining IIIDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1977155Strip Mining IVDirty Energy, Lands/Forests
1977152Strip Mining IDirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Water
1977151Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
19761174Wetlands ProtectionWater
19761155New River DamWater, Lands/Forests
19761138National ForestsLands/Forests
19761091Aerosol SpraysAir
19761090Air Pollution IIIAir
19761066Air Pollution IIAir
19761036Air Pollution IAir
1976975Solid WasteOther
1976955Synthetic FuelsDirty Energy
1976900Energy ConservationClean Energy
1976760Sewage Treatment FundsWater
1976714Toxic ChemicalsToxics/Public Right to Know
1976708Concorde (SST) LandingTransportation
1976635Glacier Bay MiningLands/Forests
1976623Fishing LimitsOceans
1976619Flood Plain DevelopmentLands/Forests, Water
1975596Nuclear Accident InsuranceDirty Energy
1975581Highway Trust FundTransportation
1975564Dickey-Lincoln DamLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife
1975449Oil Industry Break-UpDirty Energy
1975366Solar EnergyClean Energy
1975365Breeder Nuclear ReactorDirty Energy
1975361Offshore Oil DrillingDrilling
1975288Coastal DevelopmentDrilling, Oceans
1975284Energy ConservationClean Energy, Transportation
197559Strip Mining IIIDirty Energy
197557Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
197556Strip Mining IDirty Energy
1974935Nuclear LiabilityDirty Energy
1974931HerbicideToxics/Public Right to Know
1974902Sewage Treatment FundsWater
1974866Land ConservationLands/Forests
1974806Right to KnowToxics/Public Right to Know, Other
1974802New RiverLands/Forests, Water
1974600Water ProjectsWater
1973572Flood Plain DevelopmentLands/Forests, Water
1973564Auto EmissionsAir, Transportation
1973479Lease Sale EIS WaiversDrilling, Dirty Energy, Other
1973449Strip Mining IIDirty Energy
1973448Strip Mining IDirty Energy
1973376Mass Transit ITransportation
1973286Alaskan Pipeline Right of Way IIDirty Energy
1973275Alaskan Pipeline Right of Way IDirty Energy
1973205Land Use IILands/Forests, Transportation
1973196Land Use ILands/Forests, Transportation
197337Highway ConstructionTransportation
197334Highway Trust Fund IITransportation
197333Highway Trust Fund ITransportation
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