1973 Scorecard Vote

Flood Plain Development
Senate Roll Call Vote 572
Issues: Lands/Forests, Water

Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1974 (H.R. 8449). The bill provides flood insurance subsidies for existing flood plain development, but not for most new development. The vote is on the Johnston amendment to continue these subsidies for the owners of existing subdivisions who want to keep building on the 40 year flood level. Environmentalists opposed the amendment because it would encourage further development of the flood plains, and spur the government to build more dams and flood control projects. The dams often inundate scenic and fertile valleys, disrupt wildlife and destroy the use of the flood plain downstream to absorb run-off. Damage by floods has actually increased in many areas where these projects were built. The President opposed the amendment. December 18, 1973. Rejected 23-68. NO is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 23  
Votes Against: 68  
Not Voting: 8  
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