1980 Scorecard Vote

Nuclear Proliferation
Senate Roll Call Vote 948
Issues: Dirty Energy, Other

H. Con. Res. 432. The vote was on the adoption of a Resolution to overturn President Carter's decision to ship 38 tons of enriched uranium fuel to India. The fuel would be used in India's Tarapur nuclear reactors, which have reprocessing facilities and could use it to produce plutonium. India has refused to accept international safeguards for her nuclear facilities and will not allow other nations to inspect the Tarapur reactors. Nor will she sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission had earlier voted 5-0 to oppose the shipment, saying that it was a violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act because the grace period given earlier to India to change its policies had expired. Senator Glenn who led this effort in the Senate said that the shipment would destroy U.S. credibility in its efforts to persuade other nations to cooperate in stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Carter Administration opposed the Resolution. September 24, 1980. Rejected 46-48. YES is the correct vote.

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Votes For: 46  
Votes Against: 48  
Not Voting: 6  
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