1973 Scorecard Vote

Highway Trust Fund I
Senate Roll Call Vote 33
Issue: Transportation

Federal Aid Highway Act of 1973 (S. 502). The vote is on the Kennedy-Weicker amendment to give cities and states the option of using up to $2.3 billion a year in Highway Trust Fund money for bus and rail transportation as well as for highways. This far reaching agreement would result in cleaner air, more efficient use of energy, and better services for the 22% of American households who have no automobiles. Cars are now directly responsible for over 40% of all air pollution. This amendment did not shift any money from rural to urban areas, but merely allowed each area to spend on the kind of transportation that it needed most. The President took no position on the amendment. March 14, 1973. Rejected 23-70. Yes is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 23  
Votes Against: 69  
Not Voting: 7  
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Anti-environment vote
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