1979 Scorecard Vote

Dickey-Lincoln Dam
Senate Roll Call Vote 179
Issues: Lands/Forests, Water, Wildlife

H.R. 4388. The vote is on the Cohen amendment to remove funding for the Dickey-Lincoln dam in Maine, which would ruin the St. John river, the biggest wild river left in the Northeast. The area would also flood out more than 86,000 acres of valuable commercial timberland, and superb big game habitat. The project would be used to generate extra power for the peak demand for electricity in New England. But this problem could be solved more easily through peak power pricing and better energy conservation in buildings. The Corps used phony recreational benefits and artificially low interest rates to justify this project economically. The Administration did not support the amendment. July 17, 1979. Rejected 46-51. YES is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 46  
Votes Against: 50  
Not Voting: 3  
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