1980 Scorecard Vote

Pollution Control Regulations
Senate Roll Call Vote 614
Issue: Other

S. Con. Res. 86. Fiscal 1981 Budget Targets. This vote is on the Chiles amendment to prohibit agencies from publishing any new regulations that could increase costs or prices, unless these increases were offset by a reduction in other regulations elsewhere. While this may sound reasonable on the face of it, in fact it would make it extremely difficult for federal agencies to write any new regulations at all. There is no mechanism in government, nor did the amendment create any mechanism, for getting one agency to reduce or abandon its own regulations in order to oblige some other agency that needs to impose new regulations. How would the Environmental Protection Agency respond to an emergency like the widespread dumping of chemical wastes if this amendment became law? The Carter Administration opposed the Chiles amendment. May 7, 1980. Adopted 53-34. NO is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 53  
Votes Against: 34  
Not Voting: 12  
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