1977 Scorecard Vote

Energy Tax Incentives II
Senate Roll Call Vote 595
Issue: Dirty Energy

(HR 5263). The vote is on the Kennedy motion to table the Allen amendment. Kennedy had just offered an amendment to reduce from 40% to 10% the tax credits allowed to cover the business costs of conversion from oil or natural gas to coal-fired facilities. Allen proposed a compromise of a 20% tax credit, which was shot down by Kennedy on this vote. Environmentalists supported all of Kennedy's efforts to reduce these tax credits, since Treasury Department analysis indicated that the bulk of the money would go to finance nuclear power or synthetic fuels (coal gasification, coal liquefaction, or oil shale). Again, these are destructive and inefficient energy technologies that would consume huge amounts of water, land and investment capital. The Administration supported Kennedy's position but did not lobby the amendment. Motion to table agreed to 41-34. October 28, 1977. Yes is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 41  
Votes Against: 33  
Not Voting: 22  
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Anti-environment vote
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