1977 Scorecard Vote

Clean Air Amendments III
Senate Roll Call Vote 183
Issues: Air, Lands/Forests

(S 252). The vote is on the Stevens amendment to allow state Governors to permit Class I and Class II areas to exceed allowable pollution levels for 18 days a year. This amendment would gut that portion of the Clean Air Act which protects areas with pristine air from Òsignificant deteriorationÓ in air quality. Class I areas are national park and wilderness areas over 5,000 acres; Class II areas include all other areas not violating federal ambient air standards for sulphur dioxide and particulates. Exempting the 18 days of peak pollution would significantly lower air quality. The amendment would allow construction of giant power plants and manufacturing complexes near National Parks. For example, the Inter-Mountain Power Project could have built a 300,000 megawatt coal fired power plant 9 miles from Capitol Reef National Park in Utah under this amendment. Its defeat was a major victory for environmentalists. The Carter Administration opposed the amendment. Rejected 33-61; June 9, 1977. No is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 32  
Votes Against: 59  
Not Voting: 5  
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