1981 Scorecard Vote

Low-Income Home Insulation
Senate Roll Call Vote 334
Issue: Clean Energy

Mitchell (D-ME) - Cohen (R-ME) amendment to fiscal year 1982 Interior Appropriations bill to add $27.5 million for energy conservation and weatherization of low-income homes. The $42 million cut in aid to low income families for home weatherization is one of the best examples of "penny wise, pound foolish" budget cuts adopted by the Senate this year. While spending nearly $2 billion to help poor people pay their fuel bills, the Senate rejected this much more modest effort to help them insulate their homes. According to the Department of Energy, a $1,000 weatherization investment reduces home heating costs by an average of 25% per year. It pays for itself in just a few years, while reducing oil imports. But many low-income Americans cannot afford the capital investment to insulate, and the poor do not benefit from the 15% tax credit as middle and upper income families do. Rejected 46-49; October 27, 1981. YES is the pro-environment vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 46  
Votes Against: 49  
Not Voting: 5  
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