1975 Scorecard Vote

Breeder Nuclear Reactor
Senate Roll Call Vote 365
Issue: Dirty Energy

(S. 598) Energy Research Authorizations: The vote is on the Montoya motion to keep in the bill $94.1 million in authorizations for equipment for the Clinch River demonstration breeder reactor. Scientists consider the proposed breeder nuclear reactor to be much more dangerous than the conventional nuclear reactors now in use. A malfunction in the breeder could trigger an explosion, and the plutonium produced by the breeder could be used by terrorists to make nuclear bombs. At the time of the vote, there was no final design for the Clinch River plant, several studies on the breeder were not yet completed, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had ordered a moratorium on the recycle of plutonium -- a process essential to the breeder. Environmentalists argued that funding for the breeder should be spent on further research rather than on equipment that might commit the nation to construction of the breeder before the safety problems were solved. Motion adopted 66-30. July 31, 1975. The correct vote is NO.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 66  
Votes Against: 30  
Not Voting: 3  
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