1975 Scorecard Vote

Energy Conservation
Senate Roll Call Vote 284
Issues: Clean Energy, Transportation

(S. 1883): Mandatory Fuel Economy Standards: The vote is on the Griffin motion to recommit (and thus kill) a bill to set general gas mileage standards for new cars and light duty trucks in model years 1977-1985. Automobiles consume over one-third of all petroleum used in the U.S. and are the single largest source of air pollution. Although the EPA and the Department of Transportation both believe that the bill's fuel economy standards were technologically and financially feasible, the Ford Administration opposed the bill and advocated a less stringent and voluntary program instead. July 15, 1975. Rejected 25-59. The correct vote is no.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 25  
Votes Against: 59  
Not Voting: 15  
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Anti-environment vote
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