1977 Scorecard Vote

House Roll Call Vote 466
Issue: Other

Labor-HEW Appropriations Fiscal 1978 (H.R. 7555): Vote is on the Flood motion to concur with a Senate amendment barring the use of federal funds for abortions except when the mother's life was endangered. The "mother's life" language of this amendment is far too restrictive in curtailing abortion aid and discriminates against the poor. Environmentalists feel overpopulation causes depletion of natural resources and is a root cause of most environmental problems. Motion agree to 238-182. August 2, 1977. NO is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 238  
Votes Against: 182  
Not Voting: 15  
Pro-environment vote
Anti-environment vote
Missed vote
Not applicable
Representative Party District Vote
Bevill, TomDAL-04 
Young, DonRAK-AL 
Stark, PeteDCA-09 
Fuqua, DonDFL-02 
Frey, LouisRFL-09 
Hyde, HenryRIL-06 
Harkin, TomDIA-05 
Skubitz, JoeRKS-05 
Markey, EdDMA-07 
Nolan, RickDMN-06 
Lott, TrentRMS-05 
Skelton, IkeDMO-04 
Taylor, GeneRMO-07 
Watkins, WesROK-03 
AuCoin, LesDOR-01 
Yatron, GusDPA-06 
Jones, EdDTN-07 
Archer, BillRTX-07 
Meeds, LloydDWA-02 
Foley, TomDWA-05 
Dicks, NormDWA-06 
Rahall, NickDWV-04