2020 Scorecard Vote

MacGregor Confirmation (Interior Deputy Secretary)
Senate Roll Call Vote 60
Issues: Dirty Energy, Climate Change, Lands/Forests, Oceans, Drilling, Wildlife

The Senate considered President Trump’s nomination of Katharine MacGregor to serve as deputy secretary of the Interior. MacGregor has a long track record espousing views and taking actions against land and ocean conservation and in favor of extractive industries. Since 2017, she has occupied senior roles at the Department of the Interior and oversaw the implementation of the administration’s “energy dominance” agenda that encompassed unprecedented rollbacks of public lands protections, such as eliminating over two million acres of national monument protections; opening tens of millions of acres of Sage Grouse habitat to development; and efforts to lift protections in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans against new drilling. On February 25, the Senate confirmed MacGregor to be deputy secretary of the Interior by a vote of 58-38 (Senate roll call vote 60). NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE. 

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 58  
Votes Against: 38  
Not Voting: 4  
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Anti-environment vote
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