2011 Scorecard Vote

Cross-State Air Pollution
Senate Roll Call Vote 201
Issue: Air

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sponsored S.J. Res. 27, a Congressional Review Act resolution of disapproval to void the Cross-State Air Pollution rule, which will save lives and improve public health for millions of Americans. The Cross-State rule, which was finalized in July 2011, reduces dangerous smog and soot-forming pollution that is emitted from power plants and travels across state lines, and is estimated to save up to 34,000 lives and to prevent 400,000 asthma attacks, 15,000 heart attacks, and 1.8 million missed days at school or work each year, among other health benefits. On November 10, the Senate rejected S.J. Res 27 by a vote of 41-56 (Senate roll call vote 201). NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE. The House had previously passed legislation on September 23 to block the Cross-State rule as part of the TRAIN Act (House roll call vote 741). There were no further legislative attempts to block the Cross-State rule in 2011, but the D.C. Circuit Court temporarily stayed the Cross-State rule on December 30.

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pro-environment position
Votes For: 41  
Votes Against: 56  
Not Voting: 3  
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