2020 Scorecard Vote

USMCA Trade Deal
Senate Roll Call Vote 14
Issue: Climate Change; Other

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) sponsored H.R. 5430, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act (USMCA), which ratified President Trump’s trade deal that failed to even mention, let alone take action on, the climate crisis. The deal threatens our climate and communities by continuing to support fossil fuel development, including dirty tar sands oil and fracked natural gas, and allowing oil and gas companies in Mexico to challenge environmental and climate regulations through the Investor-State Dispute Settlement system, all while failing to recommit the U.S. to the Paris Climate Agreement. Additionally, the deal fell far short on what is necessary to significantly strengthen enforcement mechanisms, protect against illegal flora and fauna trade, or address outsourcing and dumping of toxic pollution into air and water. Ultimately, the final agreement helps corporate polluters and wasted a critical opportunity to address the climate crisis and environmental issues created by international trade. On January 16, the Senate approved H.R. 5430 by a vote of 89-10 (Senate roll call vote 14). NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE. President Trump signed the USMCA into law on January 29.

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Votes For: 89  
Votes Against: 10  
Not Voting: 1  
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