1987 Scorecard Vote

Energy Conservation
Senate Roll Call Vote 28
Issue: Clean Energy

The vote is on whether to override President Reagan's veto of S. 83, the Appliance Energy Standards Act. The bill set federal energy efficiency standards for thirteen categories of major household appliances. A study by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy estimated that greater appliance efficiency could save consumers up to $28 billion on their utility bills, and yield energy savings of up to 22,000 megawatts. This is the equivalent output of at least 22 new coal fired plants.

Environmentalists strongly supported the bill as one of the safest and cheapest investments we can make to meet future energy needs, without needing to build as many environmentally destructive power plants. The bill passed both houses of Congress in late 1986, but President Reagan pocket-vetoed it. This vote to override passed the Senate by 89-6 on February 17, 1987. It also passed the House and became law. Yes is the pro-environmental vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 89  
Votes Against: 6  
Not Voting: 5  
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Anti-environment vote
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