2021 Scorecard Vote

Restoring the Voting Rights Act
Senate Roll Call Vote 459
Issue: Justice & Democracy

Chair Patrick Leahy (D-VT) sponsored S. 4, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021, which would defend against inequitable voting practices by restoring and modernizing the full protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In addition to restoring the protections of the 1965 law that was undermined by the Supreme Court in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee and Shelby County v. Holder, S. 4 would update them to better address the modern forms of voter suppression seen in hundreds of anti-voter bills filed in state legislatures across the country in 2021. This legislation is a critical step toward ensuring that communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis across the country have their access to the ballot box protected.  This Senate version of the bill covers further ground than the House companion bill, by incorporating the proposed Native American Voting Rights Act, which would help native voters and tribal governments ensure equal access to the franchise despite unique obstacles these voters often face. On November 3, the Senate failed to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to S. 4 by a vote of 50-49 (60 vote threshold; Senate roll call vote 459). YES IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

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Votes For: 51  
Votes Against: 48  
Not Voting: 1  
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