2019 Scorecard Vote

Miller Confirmation (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals)
Senate Roll Call Vote 29
Issues: Other, Justice & Democracy

The Senate considered President Trump’s nomination of Eric Miller to be a U.S. Circuit Court judge for the Ninth Circuit. Circuit courts are often the ultimate arbiters of highly significant cases, including those involving environmental protections, and it is critical that the judges confirmed to serve lifetime appointments on these courts are qualified, non-partisan, and committed to treating parties fairly. In particular, the Ninth Circuit is critically important for environmental issues, covering nearly two-thirds of the nation’s public land and over half of all endangered species. LCV is committed to furthering racial justice and equity, and Miller has repeatedly challenged tribal rights, recognition and sovereignty, including through pro bono representation. We share the concerns of the National Council of American Indians and the Native American Rights Fund, who strongly opposed Miller’s nomination and questioned his ability to rule fairly on cases involving tribal issues. Moreover, Miller’s record, including his writings and public statements, reflect a view of the legal system as a tool to protect corporations, rather than the public interest. On February 26, the Senate confirmed Miller to the Ninth Circuit by a vote of 53-46 (Senate roll call vote 29). NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

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Votes Against: 46  
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