1996 Scorecard Vote

Nuclear Waste Storage
Senate Roll Call Vote 259
Issues: Toxics/Public Right to Know, Dirty Energy

S. 1936, the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1996, introduced by Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), would establish an above-ground "interim" nuclear waste dump near Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Scientists are still assessing that site to determine whether or not it is a safe permanent burial ground for nuclear waste. Technical problems at the site, including the area's seismic activity and the potential for groundwater contamination, remain unresolved.

The bill would set aside environmental laws, weaken allowable radiation exposure standards, and force dangerous radioactive waste onto the nation's roads and rails. Opponents claim that the bill would create a bias in favor of a permanent site in Nevada, regardless of the scientific findings.

Prior to the Senate's vote, President Clinton promised to veto the bill. On July 31, 1996, the Senate passed S. 1936, 63 - 37. NO is the pro-environment vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 63  
Votes Against: 37  
Not Voting: 0  
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