2017 Scorecard Vote

Mulvaney Confirmation (OMB Director)
Senate Roll Call Vote 68
Issue: Other

The Senate considered President Trump’s nomination of Representative Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB is tasked with administering the president’s budget and overseeing the performance of federal agencies and their regulatory processes. Therefore, OMB has influence over environmental and public health safeguards, as well as funding levels for environmental priorities. Mulvaney denies the scientific consensus on climate change and repeatedly voted against environmental safeguards as a congressman, earning a 7 percent lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard. Mulvaney has also rejected the scientific consensus on other issues, such as the link between the Zika virus and birth defects, and he has questioned the need for government funded scientific research. On February 16, the Senate confirmed Mulvaney to be OMB director by a vote of 51-49 (Senate roll call vote 68). NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 51  
Votes Against: 49  
Not Voting: 0  
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