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Automobile Fuel Efficiency
Issues: Transportation, Clean Energy

Motor vehicles account for over 50% of U.S. oil consumption, and our oil addiction is rising steadily. Technology exists to improve fuel efficiency dramatically and safely. Reducing gasoline consumption is the single most effective means of reducing our increasing dependence on foreign oil. It is also the single most important step Congress can take toward controlling global warming, since vehicle emissions produce a significant amount of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas.

Senator Richard Bryan (D-NV) introduced legislation to mandate improved automobile fuel efficiency by 20% by 1996 and 40% by the year 2001. The Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Act (S. 279) would greatly increase America's energy independence by saving 2.5 million barrels of oil per day -- nearly one million barrels per day more than we import from the entire Persian Gulf.

The League has included co-sponsorship of S. 279 as a pro-environment position. There are currently 37 co-sponsors.

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pro-environment position
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