1973 Scorecard Vote

Auto Emissions I
House Roll Call Vote 489
Issues: Air, Transportation

National Emergency Energy Act (H.R. 11450), a bill to authorize temporary emergency actions to ensure that essential U.S. energy needs are met. The vote is on the Hastings amendment to postpone the Clear Air Act standards for auto emission from 1975 to 1977 and to grant EPA the authority to suspend hyrdocarbon and monoxide standards until 1983. This amendment would severely gut the Clean Air Act's basic pollution standards and greatly increase air pollution in cities. Amendment supporters tried to blame EPA and the auto emission standards for causing added fuel consumption, but ignored other ways to reduce gas consumption such as through the use of smaller cars, mass transit and research into cleaner kinds of auto engines. The Administration supported the amendment. Dec 13, 1973. Adopted 199-180. No is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 199  
Votes Against: 180  
Not Voting: 55  
Pro-environment vote
Anti-environment vote
Missed vote
Not applicable
Representative Party District Vote
Bevill, TomDAL-04 
Young, DonRAK-AL 
Steiger, SamRAZ-03 
Stark, PeteDCA-08 
Fuqua, DonDFL-02 
Frey, LouisRFL-09 
Mayne, WileyRIA-06 
Skubitz, JoeRKS-05 
Lott, TrentRMS-05 
Taylor, GeneRMO-07 
Jarman, JohnROK-05 
Yatron, GusDPA-06 
Baker, LaMarRTN-03 
Jones, EdDTN-07 
Archer, BillRTX-07 
Meeds, LloydDWA-02 
Foley, TomDWA-05