2021 Scorecard Vote

Mallory Confirmation (Council on Environmental Quality Chair)
Senate Roll Call Vote 150
Issues: Other, Environmental Justice

The Senate considered President Biden’s nomination of Brenda Mallory to serve as the chair of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). With over 35 years of experience in environmental policy and law, including nearly two decades at the EPA and previously serving as General Counsel at CEQ, Mallory is the ideal candidate to lead CEQ in its critical role to coordinate federal efforts related to the environment and public health. Mallory’s deep expertise on environmental justice issues will help deliver on the administration’s commitment to addressing systemic racial and environmental injustice – a core part of their climate agenda. She is an outstanding leader who will work to ensure the administration protects public health and tackles the climate crisis while also creating good jobs through a just and equitable transition to a clean economy. On April 14, the Senate confirmed Mallory for the Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality by a vote of 53-45, becoming the first African American to lead CEQ (Senate roll call vote 150). YES IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

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pro-environment position
Votes For: 53  
Votes Against: 45  
Not Voting: 2  
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