1981 Scorecard Vote

Mine Safety
House Roll Call Vote 233
Issue: Other

Rousselot (R-CA) amendment to the Labor-Health Appropriations bill, to stop enforcement of the Mine Safety & Health Administration regulations for surface mining of sand, gravel and stone. This removed 162,000 sand, gravel and stone miners from the protection of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Theoretically these miners are still protected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) but that heavily overworked agency has no expertise in conducting mine inspections, and has not hired anyone to do so. 86% of all sand and gravel operators are exempt from OSHA in any case. Sand, gravel and stone mining is actually more dangerous that surface mining of coal, and accounts for 50% of the deaths in the non-coal mining industry. Environmentalists support a safe and healthy workplace environment. Amendment adopted 254-165; October 6, 1981. NO is the pro-environmental vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 254  
Votes Against: 165  
Not Voting: 15  
Pro-environment vote
Anti-environment vote
Missed vote
Not applicable
Representative Party District Vote
Bevill, TomDAL-04 
Young, DonRAK-AL 
Stark, PeteDCA-09 
Lantos, TomDCA-11 
Lungren, DanRCA-34 
Lewis, JerryRCA-37 
Fuqua, DonDFL-02 
Nelson, BillDFL-09 
Shaw, ClayRFL-12 
Savage, GusDIL-02 
Hyde, HenryRIL-06 
Coats, DanRIN-04 
Harkin, TomDIA-05 
Roberts, PatRKS-01 
Markey, EdDMA-07 
Lott, TrentRMS-05 
Skelton, IkeDMO-04 
Taylor, GeneRMO-07 
McEwen, BobROH-06 
Watkins, WesROK-03 
AuCoin, LesDOR-01 
Wyden, RonDOR-03 
Yatron, GusDPA-06 
Jones, EdDTN-07 
Hall, RalphRTX-04 
Gramm, PhilRTX-06 
Archer, BillRTX-07 
Paul, RonRTX-22 
Bliley, TomRVA-03 
Wolf, FrankRVA-10 
Foley, TomDWA-05 
Dicks, NormDWA-06 
Rahall, NickDWV-04 
Petri, TomRWI-06