2021 Scorecard Vote

Haaland Confirmation (Interior Secretary)
Senate Roll Call Vote 119
Issues: Other, Public Lands/Forests

The Senate considered President Biden’s nomination of Debra Haaland to serve as secretary of the interior. The Department of the Interior is critical to efforts fighting climate change, protecting our public lands and waters, and honoring our commitments to Tribal Nations. As a congresswoman, Haaland served as the chair of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands and was the lead sponsor of the 30 by 30 Resolution to Save Nature, committing to protect 30% of U.S. land and waters by 2030. In addition to earning an impressive lifetime LCV score of 98%, she built a strong reputation for working with communities most affected by decisions and across party lines. On March 15, the Senate confirmed Haaland to be secretary of the interior by a vote of 51-40, becoming the first Indigenous person to serve as a Cabinet secretary (Senate roll call vote 119). YES IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 51  
Votes Against: 40  
Not Voting: 9  
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Anti-environment vote
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