1976 Scorecard Vote

Land and Water Conservation Fund
House Roll Call Vote 786
Issue: Lands/Forests

(HR 12234). The Land and Water Conservation Fund is the major source of money available for the purchase of state and federal parks and recreation areas. The bill as written proposed a three-step authorization increase to raise the present level of $300 million to $800 million by 1980. This vote is on Representative Skubitz's amendment to reduce the increase to $600 million for 1980 and thereafter. At the time of the vote, the Fund had a $2.9 billion backlog of authorized land yet to be purchased, so the larger increase was clearly the more desirable for conservationists. May 5, 1976. Rejected 111-282. "NO" is the correct vote.

is the
pro-environment position
Votes For: 111  
Votes Against: 282  
Not Voting: 39  
Pro-environment vote
Anti-environment vote
Missed vote
Not applicable
Representative Party District Vote
Bevill, TomDAL-04 
Young, DonRAK-AL 
Steiger, SamRAZ-03 
Stark, PeteDCA-09 
Fuqua, DonDFL-02 
Frey, LouisRFL-09 
Hyde, HenryRIL-06 
Harkin, TomDIA-05 
Skubitz, JoeRKS-05 
Nolan, RickDMN-06 
Lott, TrentRMS-05 
Taylor, GeneRMO-07 
Jarman, JohnROK-05 
AuCoin, LesDOR-01 
Yatron, GusDPA-06 
Jones, EdDTN-07 
Archer, BillRTX-07 
Paul, RonRTX-22 
Meeds, LloydDWA-02 
Foley, TomDWA-05