Representative William Colmer (D)

William Meyers Colmer
Mississippi, District 5
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1972648Clean WaterWater 
1972625Strip MiningDirty Energy 
1972615Highway ConstructionTransportation, Lands/Forests 
1972614Highway Trust FundTransportation 
1972513Government Toxic LiabilityToxics/Public Right to Know 
1972458OSHA ExceptionsOther 
1972457OSHA FundingOther 
1972381Land Based Water TreatmentWater 
1972380Pollution ControlOther 
1972379EPA FundingWater 
1972378EPA AuthorityWater 
1972376NEPA WeakeningWater, Other 
1972375Pollution ControlWater 
1971375Family PlanningOther 
1971286DC Metro IITransportation 
1971279Campaign MediaOther 
1971249EPA Liability IIToxics/Public Right to Know 
1971248EPA Liability IToxics/Public Right to Know 
1971247Pesticide ControlToxics/Public Right to Know 
1971208Alaskan Land UseLands/Forests, Wildlife 
1971146Dickey-Lincoln DamWater, Lands/Forests, Wildlife 
1971145Nuclear TestingDirty Energy, Oceans, Wildlife 
1971125Nuclear WasteDirty Energy 
1971102ChannelizationWater, Wildlife 
197151SST IITransportation 
197150DC Metro ITransportation 
197114SST ITransportation 
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