1977 Voto de la Tarjeta de Evaluaciones

Clean Water
Senado Votación Nominal 334
Tema: Agua, Fauna y Flora Silvestre

Water Pollution Control Act Amendments (S 1952). The vote is on the Nelson amendment to limit the amounts of phosphates allowed in detergents, dish-washing compounds and water conditioners sold in the eight states adjacent to the Great Lakes. The amendment also directed the Environmental Protection Agency to study the need for a national phosphate control program. Environmentalists supported this amendment since phosphates reduce the levels of oxygen in bodies of water, causing eutrophication and killing fish. The Administration supported the amendment. Adopted 77-17. August 4, 1977. Yes is the correct vote.

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voto pro-ambientalista
Votos a Favor: 75  
Votos en Contra: 17  
No Votar: 4  
Acción a favor del ambiente
Acción en contra del ambiente
Ausencia (cuenta como negativo)
Ausencia justificada (no cuenta)
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