1975 Voto de la Tarjeta de Evaluaciones

Pesticide Control
Cámara Votación Nominal 452
Tema: Sustancias Tóxicas/Derecho a la Información

Amendments to the Pesticide Control Act (H.R. 8841). The vote is on the Kelly amendment to give the Department of Agriculture (USDA) veto power over all major EPA decisions to restrict the use of pesticides. The USDA is well known for its pro-pesticide bias, and has intervened on behalf of the pesticide industries in almost every EPA hearing to further restrict or ban any of these poisons. The bill as written would hold up new EPA decisions until the USDA prepared an impact statement and scientists were given an opportunity to comment in the Federal Register. Environmentalists considered the Kelly amendment a disaster, which would invite further delay and prevent any effective regulation of pesticides by the EPA. Rejected 164-233. October 9, 1975. ÒNOÓ is the correct vote.

es el
voto pro-ambientalista
Votos a Favor: 164  
Votos en Contra: 233  
No Votar: 38  
Acción a favor del ambiente
Acción en contra del ambiente
Ausencia (cuenta como negativo)
Ausencia justificada (no cuenta)
Inelegible para votar
Representante Partido Distrito Voto
Bevill, TomDAL-04 
Young, DonRAK-AL 
Steiger, SamRAZ-03 
Stark, PeteDCA-09 
Fuqua, DonDFL-02 
Frey, LouisRFL-09 
Hyde, HenryRIL-06 
Harkin, TomDIA-05 
Skubitz, JoeRKS-05 
Nolan, RickDMN-06 
Lott, TrentRMS-05 
Taylor, GeneRMO-07 
Jarman, JohnROK-05 
AuCoin, LesDOR-01 
Yatron, GusDPA-06 
Jones, EdDTN-07 
Archer, BillRTX-07 
Meeds, LloydDWA-02 
Foley, TomDWA-05