Representative Warren Davidson (R)

Warren Davidson
Ohio, District 8
2016 Score
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2016 Note: Representative Davidson was sworn in on June 7, 2016.

Voting Record

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Roll CallVote Name
2016585Attack on Public ProtectionsOther 
2016570Disaster Funding for Flint, MichiganWater, Toxics/Public Right to Know 
2016535Delaying Safeguards Other 
2016474Sage Grouse ConservationWildlife 
2016471Clean Energy and Public LandsClean Energy, Lands/Forests 
2016468Blocking Protections for Clean WaterWater, Dirty Energy 
2016463Endangered Species Act RidersWildlife 
2016462Marine National MonumentsOceans, Lands/Forests 
2016461Arctic Ocean Drilling Dirty Energy, Drilling, Oceans 
2016453EPA Law EnforcementOther 
2016452Gray WolvesWildlife 
2016449Attack on the Endangered Species ActWildlife 
2016447Offshore Drilling in the Eastern Gulf of MexicoDrilling, Dirty Energy 
2016437National MonumentsLands/Forests 
2016436California Water ResourcesWater, Wildlife 
2016434Methane Pollution SafeguardsClimate Change, Drilling, Dirty Energy 
2016433Protecting Farmworkers from Dangerous PesticidesToxics/Public Right to Know 
2016432Recognizing the Cost of Climate ChangeClimate Change 
2016431Carbon PollutionClimate Change 
2016429Lead Poisoning SafeguardsWater 
2016428Protecting our ForestsLands/Forests 
2016422Methane Pollution from Drilling on Public LandsClimate Change, Drilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests 
2016314Military Resilience to Climate ChangeClimate Change 
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YearScorePro-environment VotesAnti-environment Votes
Roll CallVote NameIssuesVoteSend a Message
643Attack on Minnesota's National ForestsLands/Forests 
637Anti-Environmental Tax BillOther, Drilling 
598Forest Management and Public InputLands/Forests 
492Slashing EPA FundingClean Air and Clean Water 
491Public Lands ProtectionsLands/Forests 
489Recognizing the Cost of Climate ChangeClimate Change 
488Methane Pollution SafeguardsClimate Change, Drilling, Dirty Energy 
484Methane Pollution from Drilling on Public LandsClimate Change, Drilling, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests 
482Undermining EPA Criminal EnforcementEnvironmental Justice 
477National Ocean PolicyWater 
476Protecting Strong Ozone StandardsClimate Change, Air 
449Slashing Funding for AmtrakClimate Change, Transportation 
448Slashing Funding for Public TransportationClimate Change, Transportation 
435Assault on Clean Energy & Clean WaterClean Energy, Water 
406Attack on Wilderness and Wildlife RefugesLands/Forests 
398Gutting Pipeline ReviewDirty Energy 
391Extreme Attack on Smog Protections & the Clean Air Act Climate Change, Clean Air 
368Extreme Attack on National Security Climate Change 
319Undermining Environmental Review on Water ProjectsClean Water, Lands/Forests 
282Pesticides PollutionWater, Toxics/Right to Know 
208Undermining the Integrity of the EPA Climate Change, Other 
206Attack on EPA Science Climate Change, Other 
98Wildlife Protections Wildlife 
83 Blocking Local Input about Public LandsLands/Forests 
78Extreme Assault on Methane and Waste Prevention Rule (CRA)Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests 
23Safeguards ShutdownOther