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Recent Votes

Recent Votes are key environmental votes that will be under serious consideration for inclusion in this year's National Environmental Scorecard

Roll CallVote NameIssuesVote Date
11Promoting Energy EfficiencyClean Energy02/02/2016
10National MonumentsLands/Forests02/02/2016
9Funding for Clean Energy ResearchClean Energy01/28/2016
295Gutting Clean Water ProtectionsClean Water11/03/2015
238Climate Change Science EducationClimate Change07/15/2015
135Big Oil BudgetOther03/27/2015
123Lifting the Climate Change Gag OrderClimate Change, Toxics/Public Right to Know03/26/2015
116Attack on the Clean Power PlanClimate Change03/26/2015
106Selling Off America's Public LandsLands/Forests03/26/2015
103Blocking Climate ActionClimate Change03/26/2015
89Acknowledging Climate ChangeClimate Change03/26/2015
88Promoting Dirty WaterClean Water03/25/2015
49Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Dirty Energy, Climate Change01/29/2015
46KXL Environmental Impact AnalysisClimate Change01/29/2015
44Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)Clean Energy01/29/2015
41Fracking Drinking Water LoopholeDirty Energy, Water01/29/2015
40Clean Energy Tax CreditsClean Energy01/28/2015
39Wildlands ProtectionsLands/Forests01/28/2015
38Climate ResiliencyClimate Change01/28/2015
37National MonumentsLands/Forests01/28/2015
34Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ExportsDirty Energy01/28/2015
33Ten Million Solar RoofsClean Energy01/28/2015
20International Climate ActionClimate Change01/22/2015
17Drilling on Public LandsLands/Forests01/22/2015
12Climate Change ScienceClimate Change01/21/2015
8Toxic Tar Sands Byproducts Air, Water01/21/2015
Roll CallVote NameIssuesVote Date
549Crude Oil Export Giveaway Dirty Energy10/09/2015
544Attack on Public Input on Native American LandsToxics/Public Right to Know10/08/2015
513Considering the Social Cost of CarbonClimate Change09/25/2015
482Safeguards ShutdownOther07/28/2015
458Toxic Coal AshWater, Dirty Energy07/23/2015
398National Ocean PolicyOceans07/17/2015
409Preventing New ParksLands/Forests07/08/2015
404Endangered Species ProtectionsWildlife07/08/2015
403Seizure and Sale of Public LandsLands/Forests07/08/2015
401Smog PollutionAir07/08/2015
400Social Cost of Carbon Climate Change07/08/2015
381Climate Science & Benefits of ActionClimate Change06/24/2015
219Undermining Clean Water ProtectionsClean Water05/12/2015
215Assault on Clean Energy and Clean WaterClean Energy, Clean Water05/01/2015
212Attack on Clean Water ProtectionsClean Water05/01/2015
209Blocking Climate ResearchClimate Change05/01/2015
199Attack on Clean EnergyClean Energy04/30/2015
198Funding Clean EnergyClean Energy04/30/2015
142Big Oil BudgetOther03/25/2015
125Attack on Sound ScienceOther03/18/2015
16Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Dirty Energy, Climate Change01/09/2015