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Representative Derek Kilmer (D)

Derek Kilmer
Washington, District 6
Phone: 202-225-5916
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2014 Note: Representative Kilmer missed a number of votes due to an illness in his family. 

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2014528Attack on Sound ScienceToxics/Public Right to Know, Other 
2014525Attack on Scientific IntegrityToxics/Public Right to Know, Other 
2014519Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Climate Change, Dirty Energy 
2014515Big Polluter GiveawayDirty Energy, Climate Change, Lands/Forests 
2014489Assault on the Clean Water RuleWater 
2014470Pesticides PollutionToxics/Public Right to Know 
2014461Using Best Available ScienceOther 
2014402Assault on Clean Energy and Clean WaterClean Energy, Water 
2014397Impacts of Climate ChangeClimate Change 
2014394Attack on Clean waterWater 
2014393Light Bulb Efficiency StandardsClean Energy 
2014389Social Cost of CarbonClimate Change 
2014376Clean Energy FundingClean Energy 
2014368Big Oil GiveawayDirty Energy, Drilling, Lands/Forests 
2014364Offshore Drilling SubsidiesDirty Energy, Drilling 
2014361National Ocean PolicyOceans 
2014359Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ExportsDirty Energy 
2014354Gutting Pipeline ReviewDirty Energy 
2014334Military Investments in Advanced BiofuelsTransportation 
2014267Blocking Climate Action in Trade AgreementsClimate Change 
2014177Big Oil BudgetDirty Energy 
2014147Preventing New ParksLands/Forests 
2014141Toxic Mining WasteWater 
2014106Carbon PollutionClimate Change 
2014103Climate Change ScienceClimate Change 
201491Undermining Flood Insurance ReformClimate Change, Other 
201478Assault on Public ProtectionsAir, Other 
201454Broad Attack on Lands and WildlifeLands/Forests, Wildlife 
201450California Water ResourcesWater 
201441Public Lands AssaultLands/Forests 
201439Climate Change and Public LandsClimate Change, Lands/Forests 
201410Superfund CleanupAir, Water 
2013604Ban on Federal Fracking SafeguardsWater, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests, Drilling 
2013601Methane EmissionsClimate Change, Dirty Energy, Lands/Forests 
2013600Big Oil GiveawayLands/Forests, Drilling 
2013557National Ocean PolicyOceans 
2013556Protecting Public Input & Environmental ReviewWater, Other 
2013483Decimating America's ForestsLands/Forests 
2013479Attack on Judicial ReviewOther 
2013471Hardrock MiningLands/Forests, Dirty Energy 
2013445Safeguards ShutdownOther 
2013440Nuclear SafetyOther 
2013432Blocking Public Health ProtectionsAir, Water 
2013430Social Cost of CarbonClimate Change 
2013418Toxic Coal AshWater, Dirty Energy 
2013394Restriction on Dirty FuelsDirty Energy, Climate Change, Other 
2013345Assault on Clean Energy and Clean WaterWater, Clean Energy 
2013329Clean Energy FundingClean Energy 
2013312Water Pollution from Mountaintop RemovalWater, Dirty Energy, Toxics/Public Right to Know 
2013311Clean Water ProtectionsWater 
2013304Offshore DrillingDrilling, Dirty Energy, Oceans 
2013299Drilling in Bristol BayDirty Energy, Oceans, Drilling, Wildlife 
2013286Anti-Environmental Farm BillLands/Forests, Water, Wildlife, Clean Energy, Other 
2013260Agricultural Conservation PracticesLands/Forests, Water 
2013203Flood Insurance ReformLands/Forests, Water, Other 
2013179Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Climate Change, Dirty Energy, Water 
201388Big Oil BudgetOther 
201322Resiliency in Disaster ReliefLands/Forests, Wildlife, Climate Change, Other 
201321Limiting Sandy Response EffortsLands/Forests 
201319McKinney National Wildlife RefugeWildlife 
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45Extreme Attack on Clean Water Protections (CRA)Clean Water Facebook

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549Crude Oil Export Giveaway Dirty Energy 
544Attack on Public Input on Native American LandsToxics/Public Right to Know 
513Considering the Social Cost of CarbonClimate Change 
482Safeguards ShutdownOther 
458Toxic Coal AshWater, Dirty Energy 
409Preventing New ParksLands/Forests 
404Endangered Species ProtectionsWildlife 
403Seizure and Sale of Public LandsLands/Forests 
401Smog PollutionAir 
400Social Cost of Carbon Climate Change 
398National Ocean PolicyOceans 
384Carbon Pollution Limits for Power Plants Climate Change 
381Climate Science & Benefits of ActionClimate Change 
267Unsustainable Fisheries ManagementWildlife 
219Undermining Clean Water ProtectionsClean Water 
215Assault on Clean Energy and Clean WaterClean Energy, Clean Water 
212Attack on Clean Water ProtectionsClean Water 
209Blocking Climate ResearchClimate Change 
208Climate Impacts of Natural Gas ExportsDirty Energy 
199Attack on Clean EnergyClean Energy 
198Funding Clean EnergyClean Energy 
142Big Oil BudgetOther 
125Attack on Sound ScienceOther 
16Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (KXL)Dirty Energy, Climate Change