2019 Scorecard Vote

Stopping the Clean Power Plan and Carbon Pollution Limits for New Power Plants
House Roll Call Vote 381
Issue: Climate Change

Representative Duncan (R-SC) offered amendment #135 to H.R. 3055, the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies omnibus appropriations bill, which would stop enforcement of the Clean Power Plan for existing power plants and carbon pollution standards for new power plants. Climate change is already having devastating impacts on communities across the country. More extreme storms, record-breaking floods, and raging wildfires are hurting our families and devastating communities, and these impacts and the burden of toxic pollution hit lower income, communities of color, and Indigenous peoples first and worst. Unamended, H.R. 3055 is a strong rebuke of the Trump Administration’s denial of the climate crisis, efforts to undermine progress, and ill-conceived decisions to double down on dirty fossil fuels. On June 20, the House rejected the Duncan amendment by a vote of 192-240 (House roll call vote 381).  NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

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